I’ve had enough – I’m leaving Sweden!

Editors note: the Swedish version of this article on AVFM Sverige was picked up by Swedish News Nyheter24 and is causing quite a stir. 

The first time I seriously entertained the idea of leaving Sweden came last summer when I was listening to Asa Romson’s hate speech from Almedalen, an important meeting place for everyone involved in Swedish politics, where the major parties give speeches during Almedalen Week.

Her speech demonized Swedish, white, heterosexual, middle-aged men.  Men like me. When Romson painted us all with the same brush – a prejudiced and stereotypical brush, blaming our entire ethnic group for everything under the Sun,– the cup finally ran over for me; I had enough.  When she became Deputy Prime Minister, there was no longer any alternative. I knew I had to leave.

I am leaving my country.  In my homeland I’m now regarded as being the root of all evil.  What makes me the enemy? My sex, my skin color, my sexual orientation and my age.  Things that make me who I am, things I didn’t choose.  What doesn’t matter when judging me are my actions.    So who am I, this evil man?

  • I come from a modest background and have worked very hard. I have taken sick leave for only about 1 week in the last 18 years.
  • I have been involved in starting up five companies which meant shouldering the burden of all the late nights and at great risk to my personal finances.
  • I have started and owned companies that exported millions of dollars of goods – business that has been very beneficial for Sweden.
  • My company has created employment for 75 people, many of them immigrants.
  • I can safely say that I’ve paid more taxes than the average Swede.
  • I have represented Swedish business enterprises in China, Germany and Russia.
  • I believe that I have contributed to the Swedish economy to a greater extent than many others and certainly to a much, much, MUCH higher extent than Åsa Romson has ever done.

 Now I’m saying goodbye to Sweden. If I ever have the opportunity to start up again in business and spend my money and resources it will not be in Sweden.  Not in a country where I was seen as the enemy, regardless of my actions. Not in a country where I am only judged on my sex, my skin color, my sexual orientation and my age.

These are enough to have a target painted on my back and be described as fundamentally evil by people instead of thanking me. I’ve sold my house, terminated all my business in Sweden and I am leaving everything entrepreneurial behind me. This evening, I ordered a one-way ticket out of here. My flight leaves April 7th.

I have lost hope. I have no faith in a government, politicians and the media who follow political dogmas that can not be questioned or even discussed – which means the odds are against it ever being changed.

Sweden needs a new Pär Ström, a famous critic of Swedish feminism who feminists directed attacks and death threats against until finally halted his advocacy for gender equality.  Sweden needs someone with knowledge, the courage of a lion and with the financial backing needed to challenge political correctness and stand up against prejudiced people like Åsa Romson.

Svante White is (or was) a Swedish entrepreneur.

August Løvenskiolds and Lucian Vâlsan assisted with the translation

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