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Apparently, there’s a debate, a discussion if you prefer, within the AVFM’s inner circle and MRM circles in general regarding regarding whether a discussion on Femitheist is relevant or not considering her influence.

I must confess that I am still appalled that this discussion takes place to begin with. At the end of the day, there’s no difference between the Femitheist business and The Agent Orange files episode. In both cases, some particularly sick individuals advocating mass murder, child abuse, eugenics, genocide and other practices worthy of the Third Reich or the Soviet Union were exposed for the whole world to see what they really think and talk about when they are under the protection of anonymity. So why is this particular case somehow different?

The words of two MRAs that I respect made me write this article. Had it not been for them, I would have dismissed the issue as non-relevant.

One of the two MRAs that I respect told me that Femitheist poses no threat for men whatsoever. But is it really the case? At the moment of writing these words, her Youtube Channel has 11451 subscribers. By comparison, Paul Elam’s channel has 9206 subscribers. That’s right. The founder of this place, against whom an American national media venue is preparing a hit piece for alleged crimes of eating kittens has LESS influence and less subscribers than the piece of human vermin called Femitheist who, amongst other things, advocated the reduction of male population to negligible dimensions — a goal which she has never abandoned.

According to this woman’s own words, she supports a 90:10 female-male ratio and hopes to accomplish this through non-violent means but she does “not endorse achieving this by engaging in any sort of killing, genocide, or any other enactments of violence against anyone.”[1] According to her supporters (surprisingly some MRAs amongst them) this statement of hers is supposed to calm me so I no longer despise this piece of human vermin because cute little Femitheist doesn’t want to castrate or kill all men (or at least now she says she doesn’t want that anymore) – but just happens to hold the same views as other genocidal maniacs of the tormented history of Europe.

At the end of the day, Adolf Hitler didn’t always envision concentration camps and mass killings. In 1920, in Salzburg (Austria), the young, dashing and charismatic Adolf was talking only about the eradication of the “Jewish spirit”[2]. Nothing about mass murders that did happen at the end of the day.

In the same period, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was talking about “peace through socialism and classless society after taking down the bourgeois spirit”. Nothing about the Gulags, the NKVD (later on the KGB), the brainwashing through torture experiments like Pitești or Aiud conducted including on children[3]. But these things happened.

Also, more recently, Charles Manson created his own cult of deranged individuals – only this time it was not a Party but a Family – and his creation impressed numerous remarkable people who called this “the whole Charlie Manson package.”

What do Charles Manson, Vladimir Lenin and Adolf Hitler have in common? For starters, all three of them were egocentric maniacs. Second of all, none of them killed anybody. Thirdly, all of them are responsible for trying to “change the world” by force whilst practicing the doublespeak of non-violence in their early days. The rest is just a question of nuance and semantics. The tenets are identical.

Is it really far fetched to compare Femitheist with those three? Perhaps it is. But think of it this way: Nobody thought of Lenin in 1914, of Hitler in 1918 or of Manson in 1954 as individuals even remotely dangerous for the society – despite the fact that all three of them had already expressed utopian totalitarian views.

A better example than those three is Nicolae Ceaușescu. The ruthless Romanian dictator even served prison time in his early 20s for spreading Communist agitation and ideas that decades after were to become the tenets of his dictatorship, a dictatorship that was to become the most oppressive in the former Eastern Block which took a quarter of a century to overturn. Ceaușescu also advocated non-violent means to achieve the Socialist paradise. And even now there are some sick individuals who dare to defend him.

How were all these possible? Because as the old say goes, in order for the evil to prevail, it’s enough that good men do nothing. Very few (virtually nobody) did anything to stop these maniacs while it was still possible.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the fall of the USSR, a significant majority of people declared themselves outraged when very few good men decided to publish all the secret files about all the individuals. The pressure was immense in all the Eastern Block countries. However, good men disregarded the calls for ”compassion” and outed the former members of the repressive apparatus. Had it not been for all those good men, the history of the last 25 years in some of the European countries could’ve been entirely different.

And this brings us back to The Femitheist – an egocentric utopian totalitarian maniac who under the guise of a neotenous face and claims of “non-violence” advocates for nothing less than yet another cleansing of the human population – this time along sex lines, as opposed to religious lines (Hitler), racial lines (Manson) or class lines (Lenin).

And here we are, with a lot of people, including some MRAs, calling us to tone down because “she’s not really a danger” or “she hasn’t done anything yet”. Or, some other people calling “free speech” on what she’s advocating – as if AVfM had demanded to shut her up. On the contrary – more free speech to Femitheist, please! And, if possible, with more audience, for the whole world to see the piece of human vermin she is.

Free speech, however, doesn’t mean free reign, nor does it mean that her right to free speech trumps the responsibilities that come with it. Just because she has a vagina and an arguably attractive face doesn’t mean she’s potentially any less dangerous than any other egocentric maniac.

If she really means what she’s saying (and I, for one, take her very seriously), then she, and her defenders, shouldn’t have any problem with her taking the responsibility for what she’s saying.

Let me be more clear: If this piece of human refuse were to be in my community – I’d love to know up front. If she were to be employed in a store from which I buy food, I’d like to know so I can stop buying food from that store until she’s either fired or the store goes bankrupt. If she were a teacher in the school where my kids or my nieces are going, I’d love to know that, so I can move them away as soon as possible. Because at the end of the day, not even her defenders would let their own sons to be educated by this individual. At least not as long as they are in their right minds.

Does what I say lack compassion for her? Yes, and I do. Call it my “intolerant nature” if you like. I tend to be highly intolerant with fascists, eugenic maniacs, former members of the Politburo, Communists and other totalitarian-oriented Utopian thinkers. If I had been more tolerant with these kinds of individuals, I’d still be living in hell – so no, thank you.

Another MRA that I respect tried to tell me that she is now redeeming herself and no longer advocates for mass killings. Well, I’ve seen former torturers in gulags claiming to now be advocating for democracy and/or freedom and at the first sign of trouble came back to their original ideas. So these kinds of attitudes coming from Krista should be treated at the very least with extreme skepticism if not outright dismissed.

Maybe I am too tired for this shit. Maybe I am too much of a grumpy Eastern European to get the nuances of this egocentric, nihilistic psychopath. Maybe. But, at the end of the day, I’ve seen this film before and each time nobody did anything about it before things went very wrong.

I wish I were wrong but for now it has been the case every single time that human beings learned one thing and one thing only from history: the fact that humans learn absolutely nothing from history.




[3] – Târgşor – Communist Prison for children (with English subtitles)

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