Insane utterances delivered in dulcet tones

Barack Obama has always made me feel instinctively uneasy and skeptical from the moment I first heard him speak in public. Everything about his slick, articulate and “too cool for school” persona set off alarm bells. I get the same feeling whenever I walk into a car yard and the approaching salesman displays a well-practiced smile and uses my name in every sentence he utters after our handshake.

Fake. Transparent. Insincere. Liar. Poser. Egotist.

When even Australians were falling at the feet of this new messiah in adoration, I was quietly suggesting they may want to wait a little while before granting him sainthood.

Everything the man has done since he won the presidency in 2008, has vindicated my gut reaction.

I always believed the general population was less gullible than many believe. I thought that phoniness was very easy to detect and that such insincerity is soon revealed when the action of such bullshit artists fails to match their words.

I was wrong.

It seems a seems a suave, charismatic manner and a smooth, eloquent delivery in speeches is all most people require in their president. It is apparently…presidential.

I won’t list the many examples of this hypocrite’s presidency which undermine everything he claimed he stood for. Astonishingly, many people don’t see the enormous ego possessed by this narcissist. Ego and narcissism are generally associated with Trump.  I think Obama’s ego puts Trump’s in the shade. Obama just displays his in a far more palatable package wrapped up in false self-deprecation, brilliantly delivered auto cue speeches, a handsome face and easy smile.

Some love Trump others detest him, but few people doubt that he believes in most if not all that he advocates. I don’t believe one silky word that flows from Obama’s lips. He is constantly attuned to the needs and desires of his audience at any given moment.

He is the kind of man I have encountered in many different environments. They are constantly saying words and making statements they think people want to hear. Nothing they say is authentic or comes from a deeply felt passion or belief.

These men are often very willing to dismiss and denigrate other men in order to bathe in the temporary yet seductive glow of being considered a good and insightful man, one of the very few in existence.

Obama mastered this method to excellent effect during his presidency and continues to do so with the same positive results.

Is it the colour of his skin which provides Obama with some kind of a protective shield from any pushback or consequences for his demonstrably bigoted and false statements? Are people afraid they will be branded a racist for daring to question the chosen one?

I cannot fathom the idea that there is not a single person in the mainstream media I am aware of who has called out his shameless gender bigotry.

It is the old Emperor’s New Clothes situation which has never been more apparent than in these troubled times where daring to tell the truth will end your career or social life and could possibly see you facing criminal charges.

When he stood at the rostrum on Father’s Day and began to denigrate and admonish fathers for being absent and lazy, where were the dissenting voices? Not only did he attack fathers for failing to do their duty and take on the responsibility of fatherhood, he sang the praises of single mothers, thanking them for their tireless work and commitment to their children in the absence of any support from the fathers. All this on a day which was created to honor fathers and the role they play in their children’s lives.

Listen to the applause and vocal affirmation as he glorifies America’s single mums on a day set aside for the affirmation of our dads.

What a sycophantic sleazebag.

He did not mention the fact that many of these single mums have children to four different partners. He didn’t mention the fact that these women often choose to keep the father/s away from their flesh and blood and do so with the willing assistance of the courts and government. He didn’t mention the thousands of dads who are financially supporting children who do not possess their DNA or the mothers who lie to them.

He didn’t mention the fact that the government has become a substitute provider to these children, relishing the fact that many women are seduced by and hooked on the welfare system which so many of them use and abuse.

What insane demographic would dare to bite the hand that feeds them?

And this masterful orator (when the teleprompter is working smoothly) has continually sounded the alarm about the existential threat facing humanity-climate change.

Seas will rise! We are all doomed I tell you. We must act now! This speech was delivered many years ago. Yet, what is this? The Obamas have just purchased a multi-million dollar ocean front mansion! If you don’t laugh you will cry. The man is shameless. You can be assured that he and Michelle will continue to preach the climate catastrophe gospel without even blushing as they return home and drift off to sleep to the sound of rolling ocean waves.

But it is his constant and well documented method of winning the approval and support of women which sticks most painfully in my gut.

Who can forget Obama’s signing of a bill regarding equal pay, surrounded by a group of women who nodded solemnly at every lie he spoke?

Just read his words and try to believe he thinks they are true.

During the course of her career, a working woman with a college degree will earn on average, hundreds of thousands of dollars less than a man doing the same work.

Now that’s wrong!

Anyone who says seventy-seven cents on the dollar is pretty close to equal, I say your math is bad!

No man would work a day without pay! (Apparently women do.)

Can anyone look me in the eye and tell me that this intelligent man does not understand how this gap arises? The United States Department of Labor studied the issue and came to the conclusion that the gap exists almost entirely because of the choices men and women make in their working lives.

Yet he looks down the lens with the deepest sincerity and tells millions of Americans that women are grossly underpaid simply because they have a vagina.

This slick conman spews more of the same tripe when speaking about the apparent rape crisis in American University Campuses.

In one clip he tells the males of America,

Real men do not hurt women! Being a man means recognizing sexual violence and being outraged by it and doing your part to stop it”

Just imagine an American President saying:

Real women don’t bash, abuse and murder their babies,”

as though many women believe that such behavior is perfectly acceptable.

That is the hidden (and often blatant) message insinuated in every comment Obama makes on gender issues.

You ignorant, brutish masses require my guidance and expertise in the field of gender relations. Without good people like me at the helm, what hope do women have?

So why have I written this retrospective piece on a man who is no longer in the spotlight? Well, Obama caught my attention with some comments he made during a recent visit to Singapore.

Obama spoke what I consider to be some of the most asinine, mind-numbing, demonstrably stupid and bigoted words a politician could utter.

Speaking at a leadership event in Singapore on Monday, former President Barack Obama said there would be “significant improvement across the board” if countries were led by women, and that “old men” needed to get “out of the way.”

“Now women, I just want you to know; you are not perfect, but what I can say pretty indisputably is that you’re better than us [men],” the 44th President said, according to the BBC. “I’m absolutely confident that for two years, if every nation on Earth was run by women, you would see a significant improvement across the board on just about everything … living standards and outcomes.”

I try to imagine I am a woman sitting in that female dominated audience. How would I feel when I heard these words?

Patronized? Belittled? Taken for a fool?

Yet most of his female audience seem to lap this shit up.

I don’t get it. His comments about women are so childish and transparent. He may as well chant the old playground rhyme used by females in primary school:

Girls are the best! Chuck out the rest!

Or simply echo the words of his wife, Michelle who once told a large female audience:

Women are smarter than men.

Why are these silly, petty people so revered in America?

Obama has dealt with many female leaders at various levels of government. Without resorting to a trip through history one can readily acquaint themselves with countless examples of female ineptitude in government. Does Obama really believe that possession of a vagina is a guarantee of good leadership?

Maggie Thatcher remains one of the most hated and divisive political figures in British history. Angela Merkel has overseen the collapse of Germany’s economic power and her open border policy has led to many serious problems during her tenure. Julia Gillard was an abysmal failure here in Australia despite the enormous wave of goodwill she rode into office after backstabbing her colleague, Kevin Rudd.

Catherine the Great and Elizabeth the First were warmongers and a match for any of their male predecessors or those who followed after them. History buffs could produce an impressively lengthy list of monstrous female rulers. Our modern-day experiences reveal that females are just as flawed, incompetent, corrupt and ego driven as their male counterparts.

Women are indisputably better leaders.

What a sickeningly absurd notion. How is it any less absurd than suggesting redheads or amputees make naturally better leaders due to the color of their hair or absence of limbs?

Does having a penis ensure a man possesses any particular quality or aptitude? We seem to cover an enormous range of possibilities and we have seen them all played out throughout the centuries. Old white men seem to be the target of Obama’s ire, yet it seems these ancient buggers have done a more than adequate job in setting up our civilization and the countless institutions we take for granted.

And this is where the confusion sets in. Is Obama suggesting there are fundamental differences between the genders? Is he suggesting that all potential female leaders possess the same skill sets and ideological views? Has he not experienced female leadership in our education system? Do we not see countless examples of disharmony in female led staffrooms and outright bullying from the female principal and female staff? I have experienced this during my career in education. Surely this alone would lead one to understand that it is individual temperament and integrity which leads to good leadership rather than one’s genitals.

If Obama truly believed what he was saying he would have stepped aside and let the far more experienced Hillary Clinton sit in the White House. Barack didn’t do that. He fought tooth and nail to keep her out and ensure that yet another man was Commander in Chief. Himself!

You will find that most men who advocate for more females on boards or in political parties mean other men should be sacrificed in order to ensure this madness is brought to fruition.

Hillary’s disastrous campaign in 2016 seems to have been more than enough for the American voters to decide they did not want this particular female leader as their President. Obama is certain she would have delivered a better world for all.

The man is beneath contempt. His pandering to females is cringeworthy and very damaging to both men and women in America. He continues to poison women and young girls’ minds with the lie they are treated as second class citizens in their country. Feeding female victim mentality serves a short-term purpose but ultimately creates further injustice for men and boys (as seen by his disgraceful guidelines for adjudication of campus sexual assault) and another generation of angry, self-entitled women who believe the world owes them a free ride.

I wish that just one of Obama’s many lies could turn out to be true and we could watch the ocean rise and swallow up the house occupied by two of the most hypocritical, dishonest, virtue signaling con artists in American politics.

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