ICMI20: updated speakers list

The latest speakers list for the conference, and their talk titles, is below. We have 110 confirmed speakers and our target is 120, so if you might be interested to be a speaker, please email Mike Buchanan at (mikebuchananuk@gmail.com).


ICMI20 – confirmed speakers 17.10.20


►Paul Elam’s speech will be the keynote speech
►Professor Janice Fiamengo’s speech will be the final speech

Names sorted in surname alphabetical order

Number Surname Forename(s) Talk title
1 Aardvark (née Swarbrick) Michelle Interview with Elizabeth Hobson and Mike Buchanan
2 Adams Alexander Discrimination Against Men in Art
3 Adelagun (ManWomanMyth) Rowland Feminism is the Pursuit of Female Supremacy / On White Sprinters & Female CEOs / Bring Back Our Girls / Introduction to the Female Paedophile, interview with Mike Buchanan
4 Agame Addy Interview with Elizabeth Hobson and Mike Buchanan
5 Alexander Gerry The Gender Maturity Gap
6 Anderson Professor Eric Adding Brain Trauma to the Men’s Human Rights Agenda
7 Arenson Professor Ken TBA
8 Aurora Greta Debunking Feminist Myths About Misogyny and Rape Culture
9 Babu Satish Men’s Rights in Politics: My Experience of Contesting as a Candidate in Elections
10 Baily Jon From Cambridge to Chicago, All Thanks to Feminist Violence
11 Barnett Jerry TBA
12 Barry Dr John We tell men to talk… but is anyone really listening?
13 Bass Phil Sex Dolls – The New Sexual Normal?
14 Bell Mike From Outrage to Engagement: Focussing Energy on Effective Campaigning
15 Brighton Ava To Find the Truth
16 Brockway Robert Theirstory, or How Feminist Revisionists Changed The Past
17 Brother K Infant Circumcision: The Cruelty in the Cradle
18 Brown Belinda New Strategies and Directions for Ending Feminism
19 Buchanan Mike Buchanan’s Laws of Inter-Sexual Competition: Women Fail to Compete Successfully Against Men, and Why They Will Always Fail
20 Burris Sally-Anne Choice, Influencing Real Equality, Changing the United Nations Directives to Include Men and Boys
21 Caplan Martin The Silence of the Gentlemen: How men’s excessive politeness and leniency towards women in the professional world undermines their own standing and contributes to the decline of the West, the importance of snappy talk titles
22 Casey Professor Gerard Rape: A Presumption of Guilt
23 Churchill Edward Making Sense of the Red Pill Experience
24 Collins William Men and Boys: Updated Lowlights
25 Cook and Sean Kullman Philip The New Global Initiative For Boys and Men – what’s in it for you?
26 Costanza Gary Mommy, What’s Circumcision?
27 Costello William Step Your Dick Up: Why Incels and Men in General Deserve Better Dating Advice
28 Crosbie Alex World to End: Women Most Affected
29 Davies MP Philip Video compilation (Philip Davies’s Greatest Hits) and interview with Elizabeth Hobson and Mike Buchanan
30 De Santo Nicholas Comedy
31 DeBolt Lori False Accusations Against our Men: The Women Women Hurt
32 Dedman and David Cockney Alan But is it Art? A Debunking of the ‘New Wisdom’ Which Says, if it’s not MAN-Made, it MUST be!
33 Dickson Gordon The Lack of Political Representation
34 Donnelly Kevin How Schools Are Destroying Virtuous Masculinity
35 Eccentrik Hat TBA
36 Eggins and Denise Knowles David Perpetrator Programmes – How Children, Families and Society Can be Better Served – not the Current Game: ‘Find the Lady!’
37 Elam Paul My 2020 vision for the Men’s Rights Movement
38 Farrell Dr Warren Abortion: Women’s ABC Rights. How Feminism is Undermining Women, Men and the Next Generation. MGM. (interview with Elizabeth Hobson and Mike Buchanan)
39 Farrell Dr Warren Why Knowing How to Explain the Boy Crisis Helps us Empathize with Men (interview with Elizabeth Hobson and Mike Buchanan) (1)
40 Fiamengo Professor Janice We Must Stop Anti-Male Indoctrination of Boys
41 Fine Zac Working with the Trauma of Losing Child Access
42 Gardener Margaret The Psychological Impact of False Accusations of Sexual Abuse
43 Gegner Derek Getting Red-Pilled on the Black Pill
44 Gladwell Paul Domestic Violence: a Silent Issue for Men
45 Glass Blind Spot TBA
46 Golden Tom The Different Worlds of Men and Women
47 Goldich Tim FemalePower
48 Gomes Dr Jules Real Feminists Kill Girls (interview with Elizabeth Hobson and Mike Buchanan)
49 Gracindo Aldir TBA
50 Graham-Kevan Professor Nicola The Impact of Adversity and Trauma on Males
51 Hayes Professor Dennis Education is Worthless Without Freedom of Speech
52 Hobson Elizabeth The Power of Stories
53 Hoffmann Oliver Should Men Help Women in Times of Crisis?
54 Jain Aastha Men’s Issues and Media Bias in India
55 Jolivet Ken Modern Rape Laws Increase Women’s Sexual Power and Further State-Sanctioned Punitive Misandry!
56 Jones Ewan Feminism, Incels and Extinction: What Happens When a Society Abandons Traditionalism
57 Katti Pandurang TBA
58 Ketland Dr Jeffrey Feminism: Not ‘progressive’. Not ‘egalitarian’. Not ‘liberal’. Not ‘left-wing’.
59 Kumar Anil Woman is a Burden: Why are Men in India Saying This?
60 Langford Nick Fighting a Losing Battle: the Feminist Campaign to Enshrine a Presumption of No-Contact into Family Law


61 Lassahn Bernhard The Tragedy of Fatherlessness
62 Laven Hans Unequal Before the Law
63 Levin Yoav The Cathar – Manichean Ontology of Gynocentric Supremacism and Feminist Misandry
64 Loewen James TBA
65 Lonley Tristan THE MACHIAVELLIAN GIRL or: Why Women Don’t Quote Nietzsche While Making Love
66 Lonsdale Rod TBA
67 Luca Rainer TBA (Wikimannia)
68 Lyndon Neil The Scottish Family Party: A Ray of Hope At Last
69 McGovern Vincent The War on Dads and Children
70 Meechan Marcus Speaking Freely with Count Dankula: an interview with Elizabeth Hobson
71 Meigs Vernon In Praise of the Self-Interested, Competitive Male
72 MGTOW Sydney Life Is A Ballot Box. Vote In Your Own Best Interests.
73 Millett Mallory Interview with Elizabeth Hobson, Belinda Brown and Mike Buchanan
74 Moxon Steve How and Why Partner Violence is Usual Female Behaviour but Aberrational for Males
75 Nieora Alex TBA
76 O’Regan Anne Never sit on the fence, even when surrounded by feminists
77 Ortiz Valentina The practical implication of feminist discourse to the detriment of men in Spain and in the world
78 Owens Dr Rebecca Interview with Elizabeth Hobson and Mike Buchanan
79 Pain Andrew Domestic Abuse and Parental Alienation: A Very Common Partnership
80 Parker Hall Sue Male Shame: How Psychotherapy May be to Blame and Could Improve its Aim!
81 Peterson Troy TBA
82 Pizzey Erin Interview with Elizabeth Hobson and William Collins
83 Popp Terrence How Men Fornicate Themselves
84 Powney Deborah TBA
85 Raymond Natty TBA
86 Reading Nick Interview with Elizabeth Hobson and Mike Buchanan
87 Reynolds Dr Tania Gender Bias in the Moral Typecasting of Parental Violence
88 Ryan Peter The Fallacy Of The Golden Uterus And The True Origins Of Gynocentrism
89 Sammeroff Antony An Epidemic of Loneliness Among Men – Who Cares?
90 Seager Martin What is Gamma Bias Theory, and How Could it Help us Understand and Respond to Male Suicide? (Interview with Elizabeth Hobson)
91 Shaljean Sonia Why Lads Need Dads
92 Smith Carnell Women’s Equality Denied by Supporting Paternity Fraud
93 Soares Professor Joaquim Interview with Elizabeth Hobson and Mike Buchanan
94 Stephenson (Dr Randomercam) Mike The Cunning Do-Gooder Effect
95 Stevens & wife Skeeve TBA
96 Straughan (GirlWritesWhat) Karen The Epic of Gilgamesh: What Feminist Masculinity ‘Experts’ Missed
97 Styles Will Working Together for Success
98 Svoboda J Steven Genital Autonomy, Equal Protection, and the Law: A Story of Two Judicial Decisions 17 Years Apart
99 Tanzer Philipp United4Men – Men Together Strong!
100 Tieman Alison Welcome to the Pain – How Ignoring Men’s Issues Kills Societies
101 Tyes Ian Fathers’ Rights and the Law
102 Valsan Lucian The Inflection Point in the Narrative Curve
103 Votey Chris A Call To Action: Doing More in the Movement
104 Wallen Hannah Reproductive Rights and the Accountability Gap
105 Wells Robert S My Experiences of Domestic Abuse as a Police Officer and Survivor
106 Whistleblower #1 The Unholy Alliance – How the Police, Social Services, CAFCASS, Schools, Family Courts and Lawyers Enable Mothers to Abuse Their Ex-Partners and Children
107 Whistleblower #2 The Trial of a Father in Feminist Britain
108 Williams James Family Breakdown, Fathers’ Rights, Good and Evil, Political Labelling, Absolutism, Coping
109 Worrall Barry Family Law – A Degenerate Regime / Getting Back to Fundamentals
110 Zein Dr Seb Feminism in STEM: Hiring, Bullying and Bad Evidence from Professional Scientists
(1) Already released as a promotional video, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNJW-gbKFV4


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