ICMI16 – why you need to pre-register by 6 December (only £22.00)

We’re delighted with the number of people who have already pre-registered for ICMI16, but it’s clear from conversations with people, that many are unaware that if they don’t pre-register, they might not be able to attend the conference.

A link to the conference announcement is here. You can pre-register (it costs only £22.00) here, using PayPal or credit/debit cards, before the deadline of 22:00 GMT, 6 December. Please email me (mike@j4mb.org.uk) if you experience any difficulty making a payment.

We plan to book a venue with a capacity slightly above the number of people who pre-register, so if you want to be sure of attending ICMI16, you need to pre-register.

Key points:

  1. The pre-registration fee will be refunded in full if the conference is cancelled, or a substantially smaller conference planned. The fee will be deductible from all ticket prices including the Early Bird Discount (£225.00), and the full ticket price (£265.00).

  2. Pre-registration places you under no legal obligation to buy a ticket for ICMI16.

  3. Only those who have pre-registered by the deadline will be assured of a place at ICMI16, and only then if they have booked and taken up one of the three payment options for their conference ticket by 22:00 GMT 31 December. The £265.00 ticket option can be paid in four monthly instalments at no extra cost.

  4. We are planning to make this a ticketed event, and don’t plan to sell tickets during the conference.

  5. Surplus tickets will go on sale on 1 January.

  6. It is important that you do not book travel or accommodation until a final decision has been made that the conference will proceed, and announced on this website.

I urge you to pre-register as soon as possible, to ensure your place at the conference, and to guarantee its financial viability. Thank you.

A final point. Some people have expressed concern at the cost of accommodation in London. In the coming few months we’ll be investigating options for lower cost accommodation, e.g. student accommodation, or hotels further out from central London with good transport connections (including minibuses), and publishing details on this website.

Best wishes,

Mike Buchanan

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