I take “The Elephant in the Hospital*” out for a walk; nuts emerge, and not just acorns.

Many of us know that the eradication of Male Genital Mutilation is a slow process that faces huge obstacles that are apparent when confronting the public and medical establishment. Gynocentrism is one of these, as is apparent on my protests.

This issue is the most low hanging fruit of the men’s movement, and it must be pushed to the forefront of peoples minds, as the law is ignoring the screams of millions of baby boys.

So, like many others, I’ve taken to the streets to confront people out with their families with “The Elephant in the Room,” the mutilation done by them and the medical establishment that pushes it on them.

Below is my video of one of those protests.

I’m forcing them to confront their demons, resulting in a knee’jerk reaction to defend what they did to their sons or what was done to them, as evidenced by the guy who spit on my sign and another who hit my camera in anger. Another guy provided the drama when he tried to eject me and in so doing provided us with a classic example of the “Streisand Effect.”

Although I encounter much idiocy and ignorance, there are those with knowledge, compassion and insight.

I talked to some who have rejected circumcision for their boys, which proves that the tipping point is approaching where over half of American boys will be intact, which will encourage people to speak out, and along with an informed public this thing will finally bite the dust. 

In my public protests, I’m forcing people to face the issue, almost forcing them them to take sides; they then are forced to defend their reasons to circumcise , however twisted they may be. Even better, I’m forcing some families to explain or at least to say something to the kids about this “man with the signs,” “what is he talking about?” or even “mommy, what’s circumcision?”


*Iconic anti-MGM video “The Elephant in the Hospital”

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