I am here to help AVFM — Here’s why

I recently contacted AVFM to offer my services as a volunteer.

I’m a British high school student who is a bit of a nerd and have, rather recently, discovered the feminist movement and the mythical oppression of women. This happened in the debate club that I belong to at my school.

We recently had a debate about whether or not men and women would ever be equal, a topic of which I am rather fond. However, upon getting into this debate I raised a point about men in prison serving more time than women for the same crime.*

For this simple declaration of fact, I have earned the title of “sexist pig.”

I was attacked even though I was arguing that both sexes should be equal. My argument was countered with the irrelevant (and I think highly questionable) pay gap feminists love so much to lay claim to. Naturally, they failed to cite any evidence, which is not surprising given they were working harder at derailment than debate.

Later that evening I decided to research more into the discrimination that both men and women face. Upon researching into many feminist talking points I discovered that a startling number were complete and utter nonsense.

This includes the holy grail of women overwhelmingly being the victims of more abuse than men. Statistics are varied. Although some showed that women were victims of domestic violence slightly more often, men were clearly the victim of more violence, generally speaking. 2.3% of men had been the victim of “any type” of violence in comparison to 1.3% of women**

This, along with being attacked for honestly engaging in an important debate, led me to look for a group which supported my point of view. In this search, I stumbled across few groups but, eventually, came across AVFM.

After reading the mission statement I knew I had found a group of like-minded people, so I decided to offer my aid to the cause.

I am glad to be here and look forward to helping in the days ahead.



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