Huffington Post withdraws a false allegation against J4MB

Followers of AVfM will need no reminding of how gender feminists have lied decade after decade in a whole range of areas, most notably with respect to their two key political weapons, rape and domestic violence. Even where they’ve been caught making demonstrably misleading statements in the media, they invariably refuse to either retract the statements or apologise. We’ve made numerous public challenges of gender feminists (and their male collaborators) and not one has ever been responded to. To say they’re utterly shameless would be an understatement. For gender feminists the ends – notably, maintaining feminist narratives – always justify the means (relentless misleading statements).

Of the public challenges we made in 2013, one was to Kat Banyard in connection with her exaggeration of the frequency with which schoolgirls experience sexual harassment, the other to Caroline Criado-Perez about her claim of an evidence base supporting the notion of a causal link between increasing female representation on corporate boards and enhanced financial performance: Caroline Criado-Perez is asking the media to ‘fact check’. No, seriously, she is!.

Given this backdrop, we start the year with some good news. We recently gave some coverage to a young Huffington Post contributor, Ellie Slee, who’d made a false allegation in an article, namely that J4MB refers to women as ‘gestational incubators’. Our piece on the matter:

Ellie Slee misrepresents J4MB in an article in ‘The Huffington Post’

The term ‘gestational incubators’ had been used by Clint Carpentier in an excellent article on AVfM, “The Future of Women in a MGTOW Society“:

In a blog piece I’d approvingly linked to the article, but nothing more. Ellie Slee’s allegation that J4MB itself refers to women in this way was demonstrably false. We politely explained this to Ms Slee, and invited her to retract the statement and apologise. Predictably, as a gender feminist, she refused to do either. She posted this comment on her Twitter account:

Men’s rights campaigner, rape denier and party leader @MikeBuchanan11 – who is older than my DAD – is writing abusive stuff about me online!

‘… older than my DAD…’ Full marks for casual ageism there.

The bottom line? Ellie Slee was refusing to withdraw an allegation against J4MB which she knew to be false. Now we have little time here for false allegators (I couldn’t resist that). We duly placed the matter in the hands of the legal team at AOL – the company which has owned the Huffington Post since 2011 – and told them that if the statement were not retracted, we’d be taking legal advice on the matter. After a brief exchange of emails, we received one five days ago which included this:

In relation to Ellie’s blog on the Huffington Post, I’ve followed up with our blogs team here with respect to the ‘gestational incubator’ comment and they have now removed the reference to your political party, with the agreement of Ellie.  Please note that we have taken this action as a gesture of goodwill and it should not be treated as any admission of AOL (UK) Limited’s alleged liability.  We trust that our prompt action in removing this reference upon receipt of your complaint will be the end of this matter.

‘… with the agreement of Ellie.’ Priceless. We’d have preferred her publicly not to ‘agree’, to be honest, but you can’t have everything in life. So, what do we know of Ellie’s true feelings about our challenge? We need only turn to a comment she posted on Twitter after the retraction:

@EllieSlee @MikeBuchanan11 Thanks for contacting HP. The blogs editor and I have changed the article so it’s more reflective of your ideas.

So, no admission she’d made a false allegation, never mind an apology. No, the Huffington Post blogs editor and Miss Ellie ‘changed the article’ so it better reflected an anti-feminist’s ‘ideas’. You really couldn’t make it up, could you? Again, priceless.

In her original article Ms Slee wrote the following about rape:

On that note, I am currently training as a volunteer with Rape Crisis under the knowledge that only 1% of raped women ever see justice – in the form of a conviction – for their attackers. In light of this, in a survey completed last year, the majority of rape crisis workers attested that they would not report a rape to the police if it happened to them. We live in a country where women are marginalised, not only on a base, societal level, through rape, domestic violence and genital mutilation, but at an authority level, as well.

I threatened her with a libel action with respect to her ‘rape denier’ remark on Twitter, and she pointed me to the comments stream on one of my posts about our challenge to her, in which I’d written this:

The 1% claim is laughable outside gender feminist circles, i.e. among rational people. Gender feminists fight for a world where the default position is that women are believed and men aren’t, and we’re already there. I regularly refer feminists to Swayne O’Pie’s ‘Why Britain Hates Men: Exposing Feminism’ but of course they never read it. Why would they be interested in the truth? Feminists’ power comes from repeating lies endlessly – ’1 in 3 women’, ’1 in 4 women’, and the rest. For 30+ years they’ve succeeded in persuading the masses left is right, black is white, up is down. But the masses are rapidly wising up to their lies. Feminists are on the wrong side of history, and the smart ones know it… so 99% of them don’t. This is going to get interesting, sooner than they can possibly imagine. Happy days.

We shall continue to threaten legal action against media outlets and individual contributors who misrepresent what J4MB stands for.

On a lighter note, gender feminists are of course notorious for being miserable. Indeed, Ellie Slee is the current ‘Whiny Woman of the Month’. In one blog piece I speculated that if she were to marry a Mr. Peahead – Ivor, possibly? – she could thereafter rejoice in the name of Mrs Slee-Peahead. Like Queen Victoria, she was not amused. Returning to her Twitter account, she wrote to me:

You’re allowed to take the piss out of my name and I can’t call you a sad old man?

Ironically, Ms Slee has made this old man very happy.


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