How I made David Futrelle cry and ragequit on Twitter

I had a very interesting exchange with David Futrelle on Twitter the other night. Futrelle, of course, is the mastermind behind (formerly Manboobz). By “mastermind,” I actually mean “mentally retarded person,” of course. This gluttonous windbag likes to keep tabs on the manosphere and all those who dare criticize the sacred cow that is feminism. He documents what he perceives to be “misogyny” and is even kind enough to issue a “trigger warning” disclaimer for the easily offended (wimps). Now, readers of AVfM will be familiar with Futrelle’s intellectually dishonest tactics. Time and time again, he has been exposed for outright lies and passive-aggressive behaviour through his blog. Many times he has falsely accused Paul Elam and AVfM of promoting violence against women.

This exchange on Twitter started over Futrelle’s recent post about Janet Bloomfield posting a screenshot from what appeared to have been taken from Anita Sarkeesian’s Twitter feed but was actually a doctored image taken from a Facebook paged called “Crazy Feminist Quotes.” Cue the soapbox grandstanding and hilarious accusations of “spreading libel.” While Futrelle was coming at Janet Bloomfield on Twitter, I had stepped in to remind him that he is one to talk, since misrepresenting what other people say seems to be a common practice for him. Cue the demands for a citation. That’s when I countered with, “Where are your citations when you claim AVFM promotes violence against women?”

@MadShangi @JudgyBitch1 AVFM uses violent rhetoric; they hosted a terrorist menifesto on their site. But they always avoid explicitly

My response:

@DavidFutrelle @JudgyBitch1 Um, that wasn’t a citation, buddy. Try again?

People, what followed next was pure gold. To support the claims he’s made on his blog, guess what he started citing as a reference. That’s right, his very own goddamn blog.

Oct 6
@DavidFutrelle From the article: “Now, am I serious about this? No.” You just got PWNed, bitch.

Oct 6
@MadShangi Did you read what immediately followed that? Read my post on the subject for a detailed discussion of that. PWNed!

Patrick John Doran@MadShangi Oct 6
Here’s my citation proving you’re full of shit. See that? PWNed.

Patrick John Doran@MadShangi Oct 6
See what I did there? I just linked you to your own mealy-mouthed bullshit. LOL!

David Futrelle@DavidFutrelle Oct 6
Are you 5 years old? Bye.

Patrick John Doran@MadShangi Oct 6

Patrick John Doran@MadShangi Oct 6
@DavidFutrelle Your intellectual dishonesty has just been exposed for all of Twitter to see.

Patrick John Doran@MadShangi Oct 6
Your “evidence” for AVFM promoting violence was a satirical response to a Jezebel article promoting violence.

Grumpy Old Man@xGrumpyOldManx Oct 6
It means a great deal to you to believe Paul endorses DV? Unfortunately we all can read too.

So, what have we learned from David Futrelle? Well, apparently, if beating a dead horse doesn’t work the first thousand times, beat it some more. The very same article that Futrelle cites as an example of Paul Elam’s endorsement of violence had already been clarified by the author himself. Even when it is explicitly stated, “Am I being serious? No,” Futrelle still has the nerve to try to rehash the same song-and-dance routine over and over, using every dishonest tactic in the book with every step. Even Futrelle admits that AVfM never explicitly endorses violence, yet they somehow do it subliminally in a super-secret code that can be perceived or understood only by Futrelle. What a pile of bullshit.

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