How “Game” turns you into a joke

One of the biggest problems of our gynocentric culture is the constant pampering to the erratic behavior of women. The dating arena is a prime example of this. I won’t ridicule mainstream dating advice. That the “walking wallet” strategy is dubious at best should be common knowledge by now. Instead, I want to attack a particular corner of the Internet that proclaims that they have the solution to the dating problem: the so-called seduction community. A lot of the criticism applies to the “manosphere” as well, though.

What struck me always as absurd was that those alleged seduction gurus didn’t teach men to “man up”. No, not in the “be a real man and marry some washed up chick in her late 30s”, but for real. They just don’t tell you to stand up for yourself. No, instead you are supposed to become an expert on astrology, religion, gossip, and all kinds of frivolous nonsense. This alone should make any reasonably smart man very skeptical. Even if this stuff worked — wouldn’t you want to have an at least halfway intelligent woman instead?

That’s not all, because mainstream seduction gurus also tell you how you should react to her boorish behavior. They call it “shit tests” when she’s acting rude towards you, and tell you to “just keep plowing, bro!” Do you know what any guy with an inkling of self-respect would do? If she’s unfriendly, you just move on, but if she’s rude to you, you can just tell her to go fuck herself. Amazingly, some women are so screwed up that they’ll get turned on by that and start chasing after you.

The women you’re interacting with are supposed to be adults, but if she behaves like a spoiled teenager, you have the choice of either confronting her or trying to change her behavior. Have fun with that! What also works is to not bother with her and looking for a more mature woman instead. By “mature” I don’t mean some woman past 30 who desperately tries to get pregnant or married or both, but a woman with a modicum of mental maturity. Mental maturity doesn’t depend so much on age. There are plenty of shockingly immature 40 year old people — men and women — around.

Let me just dwell on this topic a bit longer. Probably any guy who ever asked a girl out on a date, or asked her whether she wanted to “hang out” will have experienced that some girls just flake on you. No, they don’t cancel. Instead, they just don’t show up. A smart way of dealing with this problem is to schedule your dates so that your loss of time is at an absolute minimum. Let’s say you keep your gym bag in the car, and if she’s ten minutes late, you hop in your car and are on your way.

It is not the case that women are unaware that they flake on you. I guess the “patriarchy” keeps them down so that they can’t pick up their phone and text you, or just say “no” in the first place. What do those ridiculous dating coaches tell you, though? They talk about “contingency plans”. You’re supposed to keep sending her text messages to “build comfort”, and if she flakes on you, you’re supposed to act as if nothing happened or even pretend that you (!) missed the date, and tell her that you’re sorry and would like to meet up some other time.

I mean, whom are those “pickup artists” kidding? Even if you managed to eventually win such a girl over, what kinds of precedents did you set? If anything, the girl now knows that she can walk all over you, and that you’ll happily take her abuse. She knows that you’re a complete fucking idiot who happily gives up his self-respect for the remote chance to get some pussy. As if pussy was the solution to anything! Instead of calling her out on her bullshit, you invite her to abuse you some more, and you even make excuses for her shitty behavior. This is nothing but absurd. Congratulations, you’ve turned yourself into what they call a “mangina.” Yes, this — “game”, they call it — is the supposed alternative to mainstream dating advice. It’s laughable.

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