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Hello everyone and good morning, evening or whatever it is wherever you are. As most of you know there is a section on the front page of AVfM dedicated to mainstream media articles called “hot on the web.” This section is there to give you a list of articles that deserve support or criticism from you, an online activist. It is very important that our voices be heard in the comment sections of these articles.

Lately we have been having a problem with space. There are just to many articles that need to be posted in the “hot on the web” section and not enough space to post them all. In the future there will be a link at the bottom of the “hot on the web” section which will send you to a longer list of articles. AVfM’s resident over worked and under appreciated tech wizard David King has this link on his lengthy to do list. He promised he would get right on it after he completes the fembot with beer dispensing breast for overlord Elam.

Thanks a bunch David.

Until David can get around to installing this link we will make do with what have. But on this rare occasion there is a lot going on the mainstream media. Men’s rights are being discussed in these publications while feminists scream louder about miss soggy knees. All of these articles deserve you commentary. Here is today’s list that is far to long for the “hot on the web” section.

No more campus sexual assault legislation, begs national group of college administrators

Not a single advocate of due process will testify at Senate hearing on campus sexual assault.

Senate to hold one-sided hearing on campus sexual assault

We’ve defended lots of campus sexual assault cases, so we know just how unfair they are

The Effort To Stop Campus Rape Is Finally Starting To Focus On High Schools

What the Trump and Cosby Allegations Reveal About Rape Culture

11 Ways In Which Some Women Have Ruined Feminism For Everyone

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