Gynocentrism, Sex Differences and the Manipulation of Men (Part Two)

Please read part one of this article first.

How Sex Differences Are Used To Propagate A False Narrative That Men Are Inferior And Expendable:

The manipulation of men does rely on framing sex differences to support a narrative men are inferior to women and that men are biologically expendable. There is a misplaced belief in the manosphere that feminism takes the position that the sexes are the same and that any sex differences that exist are due to socialisation. This is wrong. Feminists are quite happy to emphasise sex differences if it is to women’s social advantage, or helps support a narrative in female superiority. The manosphere needs to carefully evaluate claims of innate sex differences and not just assume there is no gynocentric agenda behind those in the media and academia that promote such claims. The feminist infestation in our academic institutions and mainstream media is extensive these days.

Feminists are quite happy to point out the greater physical aggression of men and erroneously associate it all back to testosterone and argue male violence is innate. This is despite the abundant research showing that aggression in men does not originate from testosterone and that testosterone can actually result in selfless acts. Please watch this short but informative video20 from accomplished behavioural scientist Prof. Sapolsky and this documentary21, on what the research actually shows on the effects of testosterone. Testosterone does not make men violent brutes.

Testosterone acts as a behavioural amplifier and drives men to seek status. The male sex hormone does not actually cause aggression and violence. Testosterone amplifies aggression and violent tendencies that have already been previously triggered by other processes in the brain by the environment under certain contexts. Even then this amplification depends on prior social learning and also the interplay with other hormones and biochemical processes. In contrast testosterone can also promote selfless acts. In reality testosterone amplifies both good and bad aspects of human behaviour to drive men to acquire status. At one extreme you have men like Jesus Christ and at the other extreme you have Adolf Hitler. People cannot acknowledge the worst in men and ignore the good and then claim they are accurately representing men (as feminists do).  Testosterone is not toxic and neither are men. Men are human beings and like women they can be good, bad and everything in between.

A society that treats men as disposable utilities and with no compassion and ignores boys that are physically and sexually abused (including by adult women that abuse boys), will produce male violence and violent men. This will direct testosterone to amplify negative behaviours, rather than positive behaviours. How we treat men and boys and their well-being, has far more to do with male aggression and violence than testosterone. A major contradiction society has with male violence that feminists fail to acknowledge, is that we are actually quite happy for men to be violent as long as it serves societies needs and protects women. We have forced men through conscription to fight each other in wars and then feminists blame men for being violent in wars men were forced to participate in. This is despite the fact millions of men had no choice in the matter.

I also note feminists are silent on the indirect violence women initiate by getting men to be violent for them (like women hiring hitmen to murder their husband’s, which actually happens more often than people think) and the psychological and social violence of women (women and girls often bully each other this way and it can drive other girls to suicide). The misuse of the legal system as a weapon in divorce and family court to marginalise countless fathers and alienate children from their dads, is also a frequent form of female violence in society that is not identified as the violence that it is.

Feminists are also silent on the physical violence of women in intimate partner relationships. This is despite clear research findings22 that female violence is actually a substantial fraction of domestic violence and that women are actually the majority of perpetrators when only one partner is violent in the relationship. This feminist pattern of selectivity with facts, is not limited to violence and aggression. Feminists are quite happy to embrace biological sex differences when transgenderism threatens the exclusivity of female privileges and ignore these same biological sex differences when they are inconvenient. Bigots are selective in the facts they acknowledge and the manosphere needs to recognise that feminism is absolutely okay with emphasising sex differences to pedestalise women.

People need to recognise that for the last fifty years and particularly the last thirty years, feminism has been able to heavily influence our media, academia and educational institutions with little resistance and shape the public perception of how we see men and women. Feminism has not been arguing men and women are the same. Feminists have been arguing women are superior to men. The culture has been saturated with the following messages for decades: Mothers are brilliant and dads are bumbling fools. Women are peaceful and men are violent. Men are inherent rapists and domestic  violence abusers and women are their victims. Adult men are potential pedophiles that cannot be left around children, adult women are always safe around kids. The examples go on like this. Feminism has relentlessly pushed the message that women are better than men and contributed to these bigoted beliefs forming. It is only in areas where it is to the benefit of women to support sameness, that feminists argue the sexes are identical.

Many boys have now been raised with no father and educated in a gynocentric school system and exposed to a gynocentric culture, in which they are told men are obsolete, the future is female and boys are stupid. That is going to impact how boys see themselves and other men in relation to women and not for the better. We can see the impact of this mass brainwashing on society just by asking people on the street like this man did23. Society has been manipulated to perceive women as being above men and that does influence how society treats men relative to women and how men treat themselves in relation to women (especially the younger generations of men, that have known nothing but a consistent cultural message that they are inferior because they are male).

How Gynocentrism Distorts Our Understanding Of The Science Of Sex Differences:

People think that feminism and gynocentrism in academia have not impacted the sciences- They have. Human sex difference biology, psychology and evolution is presented to society through a gynocentric lens. Yet the reality that a gynocentric bias operates in science like it does in the rest of society, does not appear to have been acknowledged by some people in the manosphere quoting questionable research, concepts (like Briffault’s law), books and news articles presenting science on sex differences.

Gynocentrism in the coverage of sex difference science exists. That is why you get books from scientists preaching female superiority such as, The Natural Superiority Of Women24 and Women After All25. It is why you get the willful denial of inconvenient research in academia on sex differences in intelligence26on greater male variability and male genius27 and on single motherhood and the importance of fatherhood28, that does not go with the gynocentric narrative. Stating facts that do not support the view women are superior to men, does not then make someone a male supremacist that supports male superiority. However that is exactly how such researchers are framed in supposedly objective academic circles, when they bring up facts that run against gynocentrism. These same academic thought police, don’t seem too fussed about half-baked arguments women are superior to men though.

So rest assured the gynocentric bias in wider society, is also present in the sciences concerning research on sex differences. Men are persuaded by facts and logic and so gynocentric academics crafting a narrative of male inferiority and supposed male biological expendability, by using cherry picked science and omitting inconvenient facts without acknowledgement29, is a great way to control the male mind and maintain the narrative women are superior to men in the wider culture. As I have written about, our institutions have a vested interest in keeping men down and thriving off their exploitation. Manipulating sex difference research to promote a message in academia and the media that men are genetically defective, inferior and biologically expendable, is a means to persuade people that gynocentric bigotry has some justification and rational basis to it.

It is all about framing facts to paint a desired picture and omitting facts that are inconvenient. Just as in the performance of a magic trick, or the mainstream media editing interview footage to suit an agenda, the manipulation of scientific information to persuade people to accept a narrative in female superiority, requires proper framing so that people do not notice what is not written about and what is left out. This is especially effective if your audience is interested in science and yet does not have much formal knowledge of science and cannot critically evaluate the positions presented or notice what is omitted and ignored (which is a great deal for those making sophist and pseudoscientific arguments to support a narrative of female superiority).

Is the entire scientific community like this? No. However there is a significant gynocentric influence within the scientific community in maintaining the gynocentric narrative that women are valuable and superior and men are expendable and inferior. Some of it is unintentional and just a result of years of gynocentric programming that everyone including scientists have been shaped by. When you are taught to perceive and interpret things a certain way from birth and your gynocentric colleagues validate preconceived assumptions about men and women, that will affect how you conduct research and how you draw conclusions. Such a gynocentric bias applies even for scientists supposedly pursuing objective truth.

Certain cohorts of the scientific community do police how science is presented to the public and make sure it is kept within the gynocentric Overton window of approved discourse. Just look at the example on greater male variability and male genius I cited earlier in this article. Janice Fiamengo has also discussed in a recent video30 , the alarming feminist gatekeeping and thought policing going on in the hard sciences at major universities. I would highly encourage people to watch Janice’s video, it will shock you. The reality is there is feminist authoritarian oversight present in the sciences at universities. The feminist control of academia and academic research, is not just confined to the humanities. I can cite multiple examples of researchers being silenced for going outside the gynocentric Overton window and the authoritarian feminist control of science. These are not isolated incidents, it is a pervasive problem.

There is some level of institutional gynocentric bias in scientific research and there are academics that harbour and espouse such views as maleness being a birth defect31. Just imagine for the moment if an academic dared to suggest being female was a birth defect, or that females were the simpler less enhanced sex. What do people think the reaction would be? Again the common thread with such claims of female superiority, is that those promoting it present only half the facts on sex differences that are convenient (and omit the other half of the facts that are inconvenient) to promoting their narrative.

In part 3 of this article I will examine a case study of gynocentric bias in scientific research, where I think the manosphere has gone wrong with discussing sex differences and what we can do to correct things. I will then present my final thoughts on this subject.














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