Ginormous monster nearly devours Girl Writes What!

…but fortunately she had a rape whistle, so instead, we just talked about stuff like rape hysteria, false rape allegations, racism, history of the gay rights movement, and related issues in the aftermath of people in Toronto who declared us “racist, anti-woman, anti-gay,” Community of the Wrongly Accused, To Kill a Mockingbird, Tom Robinson and Atticus Finch, and other things.

Thanks to Shawn Sutherland and his friend whose name I didn’t catch (the guy who ran the gurney) who got this beautiful footage. We look forward to seeing more of Shawn’s work.

Watch for other footage of the recent events surrounding the Miles Groth lecture at University of Toronto and CAFE in the coming weeks. This was shot on Saturday the 28th after the Men and Boys in Crisis rally.

By the way, our Fall Rundraiser is still running (hint, hint):


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