Gender feminism: the approaching crisis

A young gender feminist blogger, Ellie Slee, recently wrote a blog piece containing a false allegation about J4MB. It was published by The Huffington Post. I politely pointed out to her that the allegation was demonstrably false, but as I’d anticipated – because she’s a gender feminist – she was willing to neither retract the statement, nor apologise for it. I contacted the legal team at AOL – HuffPo‘s parent company – and the offending allegation was swiftly retracted.

Impressed by the professionalism with which the matter had been handled – given HuffPo‘s business model, I feel confident they weren’t aware of the misleading statement in advance of publication – I was intrigued to get a call from a supporter suggesting I offer blog pieces to HuffPo. It’s well-known for being left-leaning so I doubted they’d publish any pieces from me, but I got in touch anyway. The lady there was very polite, and asked me to submit a piece for consideration. I duly submitted an 800-word piece, as requested. Like all short articles, it took a surprisingly long time to write. It takes so much less time to write a long article.

I then had an exchange of emails with the polite lady, and it soon became evident that the changes she required to make it acceptable for publication by HuffPo were such that I wouldn’t be prepared to put my name to the piece. But having spent time writing it, I thought the least I should do was publish it elsewhere. So here it is, modified only with an expanded ‘author biography’:

Gender feminism – the approaching crisis

I lead the British political party which campaigns for the human rights of men and boys; Justice for men & boys (and the women who love them).1 Their rights have been increasingly assaulted by the actions and inactions of the state for 30+years, although British men collectively pay 72% of the income tax collected in the UK, and women only 28%.2

In our public consultation document3 – the precursor to our 2015 general election manifesto – we cover 20 areas where men and/or boys are disadvantaged, generally to advantage women and/or girls. They include fathers’ access to children following relationship breakdowns, legislation, education, welfare, employment, family support, marriage and divorce, domestic abuse, healthcare, the justice system, the business sector, homelessness, suicide prevention, and male genital mutilation (‘MGM’). We’ve repeatedly asked feminists to point to areas where the state disadvantages women and/or girls. They’ve collectively come up with nothing.

In Who Stole Feminism? How Women Have Betrayed Women, first published in 1994, the American feminist Christina Hoff Sommers made a distinction between ‘equity’ feminists such as herself, and ‘gender’ feminists. Another American feminist, Camille Paglia, wrote in Vamps and Tramps that the book ‘… uses ingenious detective work to unmask the shocking fraud and propaganda of establishment feminism.’

Hoff Sommers defines equity feminists as people (not always women) who believe in equality of opportunity, and equality under the law. The vast majority of people who self-identify as feminists are equity feminists, and while I wouldn’t identify as a feminist, I believe in those things too.

In stark contrast gender feminists (not always women) strive for female supremacy, regardless of the consequences. They’re driven by misandry – the hatred of men. Gender feminism has been a defining ideology of the political and other classes in the UK for 30+ years. Under David Cameron’s leadership the government is progressing all the gender feminist agendas of the 1997-2010 Labour administrations.

Gender feminist narratives consist of conspiracy theories, fantasies, lies, delusions and myths, which become ‘public knowledge’ through endless repetition. Compare what you believe to be true about Domestic Abuse/violence (‘DA’) with a few facts:

1. Around 300 international studies show that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men with respect to intimate partners.4

2. 40% of DA victims are male.5

3. Where one sex is the sole perpetrator of DA, it’s more likely to be a woman than a man.6

4. Only 4% of female perpetrators of DA report self-defence as their motivation.6

Despite these facts, state support for male victims of DA is close to non-existent.

For the past 30+ years in the UK gender feminists have been assaulting almost every pillar of civilised society. The mainstream media in the UK – press, radio and television – haven’t provided any in-depth accounts of the impact of gender feminism over that period. It’s hardly surprising that most people don’t yet ‘connect the dots’, but public consciousness is growing rapidly.

Gender feminists are immune to rational challenging, and shamelessly refuse to retract misleading statements they’ve make in the media. Their most outrageous claims are accepted at face value by journalists and interviewers. Our list of gender feminists caught making misleading statements and refusing to retract them in response to our public challenges is lengthy7 and includes Kat Banyard,8 Caroline Criado-Perez,9 and Janet Street-Porter.10

For decades gender feminists have used shaming tactics to silence men, but their tactics are powerless against the rapidly growing army of Men’s Human Rights Advocates (MHRAs). They present MHRAs as misogynists, sexists, rape deniers… in short, they lie. It’s their default tactic.

Gender feminists are facing a crisis. They’re being challenged not only by men, but also by women, who are rejecting gender feminists’ claims to speak and act on their behalf. Mothers are angry at the education system’s treatment of their sons. Women in general are recognising gender feminists as men-hating ideologues, and an increasing number – notably university students – see feminism as an outdated term.11

We’re seeing the emergence of ‘Honey Badgers’, women self-identifying as MHRAs. They’re fiercely intelligent and independent-minded. One of the best-known is Karen Straughan (‘GirlWritesWhat’) a Canadian. Her YouTube video library12 demolishes gender feminist narratives.

I recommend you subscribe (no cost) to the American website A Voice for Men,13 the most-visited (and most influential) men’s human rights advocacy website in the world. The site features articles (my own 15 are here)14 – videos, and radio shows by many MHRAs including the Honey Badgers Erin Pizzey,15 Karen Straughan,12 Janet Bloomfield,16 Diana Davison, Della Burton, Alison Tieman, Dr Tara J Palmatier,17 Anja Eriud18 … By subscribing to AVfM you’ll have a front-row seat from which to witness the approaching war between men and women jointly driven by concerns about human rights, and female supremacists driven by hatred of men. Which side will you choose?

If you’re now in need of some light relief, try this.19


Author biography

Mike Buchanan is a men’s human rights advocate and leads the political party Justice for men & boys (and the women who love them).1 He also leads:

►Anti-Feminism League20
►Campaign for Merit in Business21
►Alternative Sexism Project22

He owns the self-publishing company LPS Publishing23 and has written nine books including:

Feminism: the ugly truth (2012)
The Glass Ceiling Delusion: the real reasons more women don’t reach senior positions (2011)
David and Goliatha: David Cameron – heir to Harman? (2010)


[6] Dr Nicola Graham-Kevan, University of Central Lancashire, ‘Female perpetrators of intimate partner violence’ – paper presented at the 2013 National Conference on Male Victims of Domestic Violence.

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