Fundraiser: Taking AVFM into 2014 on a Roll

What a year! 2013 has undoubtedly been a year of rapid expansion for the Men’s Human Rights Movement. More and more people are either joining our ranks, or just speaking up on their own against the bigotry of feminism and male disposability. We are also knocking on the door of the mainstream media, and not waiting for permission to come in.

I am proud to say AVFM has been in the thick of much of this.

We have even more good things on the way. You will be seeing much of that announced on the site over the next couple of days, so expect it.

One of those announcements is the launch of AVFM multi-siting. Soon, AVFM will be just one component in a network of blogs and websites that will stretch over the globe, all addressing the issues that face men and boys under the AVFM umbrella.

We are still tweaking some of the final details, but you can read more about multi-siting, and even submit your request for a free AVFM regional blog, here.

With the help of James, we have just launched AVFM on Live365, a platform on which all AVFM Radio operations will be migrating early in the new year. Much more than just a transfer, we are planning to build our way to live 24/7 streaming news, opinion and culture worldwide in the coming new year. Too lofty? Watch us do it. Read more here.

There is so much more on the way for next year, including the AVFM’s first International Conference on Men’s Issues in Detroit next June, which is already stirring up some well-deserved excitement.

As you can imagine, even with the tireless help of our incredible volunteers, there is increasing expense with all of this. Never before has it been so expensive for AVFM to maintain its daily operations. It might even be depressing if it weren’t working so damn well.

So I am coming to you again with the request, on behalf of the entire team of managers, editors, technical personnel, media specialists and contributors, asking you to take us into 2014 with the tools to double our accomplishments of the last year. This is our most ambitious fundraiser ever because we have planned the most ambitious year ever.

The train is running smoothly, folks, and we have people here like never before, ready to shovel coal into the furnace. But we need you to give us the means to do it. Please contribute what you can to usher us to a mind blowing 2014.





Fundraiser will end on January 4, 2013



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