Paranoid pseudo-skeptic PZ Myers, sycophant to feminist ideologues everywhere, hypothesizes that just because some sites like his own FreeFromThought Blogs, NotVerySkepChick, and others experienced a DDOS attack, it was not random hackers. Nor could it be the case that most high-traffic web sites (including this one) eventually experience some sort of hacker attempt at vandalism. No, it must have been those dastardly Men’s Rights Activists whom he refuses to even engage in intellectually honest dialogue with because we’re pure concentrated evil.
Well as it turns out he’s partially right. The Patriarchy did it. In fact, as leader of The Patriarchy, I did it myself, and say so right here!

I would tell you to Subscribe to Men’s Rights Edmonton, however, I should not have to tell you that, as a servant of The Patriarchy you will do so or be destroyed.

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