Feminist censors fail again at A Voice for Men

As those who follow events around here closely know, we recently concluded our “Last Ever Server Fundraiser,” which was, thanks to you, a great success.

The reason for that particular fundraiser was because we have streamlined the AVFM operation and made other changes that have enabled us to move from very expensive hosting ($290 per month) to a much more affordable monthly fee that we can cover inside our standard operations budget. It was a win-win for AVFM management and AVFM readers, and the transition went smoothly.

Then came the would-be feminist censors. After our move between hosting providers, AVFM was brigaded with TOS complaints from feminist ideologues who want to shut us down. They went after us with complaints about articles on the AVFM site, and another flurry of complaints about the Register Her website.

The result of their efforts? Well, you are reading this on the AVFM site. Also, you’ll see a link to the unaffected Register-Her.net site in the sidebar. That’s the result. A big fat zero for the fascist pigs who tried and failed to abridge our free speech. We’ve also made a couple of other operational adjustments, the details of which I won’t discuss here, that will assure any and all future attempts to silence us get the same abysmal results for these censorious bigots.

And with that some final words for feminists who imagine themselves to be tyrannical arbiters of who should speak and what they should say. Give it your best shot. Bloody yourself with effort. Dedicate massive time and effort trying to silence A Voice for Men. You’ll only find out why we’ve been online 10 years despite the powerless wailing of you and your foul kind.

A Voice for Men, Register-Her and any other project we undertake will remain active and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. But by all means, please keep trying. It gives me comfort to watch you try and fail to do anything right.

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