Eloquent Rage: The Legacy of Angry Harry

And so it is that I suspect that if western women remain antagonistic toward their men, their days of empowerment are numbered.

(from “Men Have Bred Dogs And Cattle; Why Not Women Too?”)

As the Men’s Human Rights Movement [MHRM] continues to mourn the passing of Angry Harry in February 2016, many Men’s Human Rights Activists [MHRAs] have found solace in celebrating his life by taking stock of his stupendous contributions to enriching our knowledge and understanding of key men’s issues. It is clear that Angry Harry has had an uncommonly profound influence on many MHRAs, especially those in the initial stages of their journeys out of gynocentric ignorance. This explains why so many MHRAs took the news of his death so personally.

Angry Harry was a prolific writer who crafted his words to achieve maximum impact on his readers, without ever sacrificing the logic behind his arguments or the validity of his conclusions. The fact that he tackled such a vast range of issues with a wit that was at once savage and sophisticated, and never detracted from either his focus or purpose, is probably what makes Angry Harry’s writing so universally readable among those whose concern for the rights and welfare of men and boys initially led them to the distinguished canon that represents such a significant component of his life’s work. This is particularly remarkable because, despite its dazzling satirical edge, Angry Harry wrote some of the most starkly confronting articles that have ever been composed by an MHRA.

Angry Harry was not one to gently navigate novice MHRAs through the maze of men’s human rights issues and the anti-male forces that have long impacted them. Rather, he yanked them along through one gynocentric chamber of horrors after another, forcing them to examine the exhibits in grizzly close-up, never hesitating to rub their noses in them if he felt it would do them some good. Angry Harry’s writing was all about tough love.

The cumulative effect of this experience is to leave the reader in shock, not just at the sheer magnitude of their own ignorance, but by how many of their assumptions about the world have been forever blasted to dust. Angry Harry never pulled any punches, yet always managed to remain fair-minded, realistic and logical, which is why so many of his readers have come to trust and respect his perspectives. Angry Harry wore his moniker with pride. As a writer, he will forever remain a brutally frank Virgil who guides his bewildered students on educational journeys that frequently lead to comedy – both high and low – and can even touch on the Divine. This is what makes the often deeply disturbing nature of the Angry Harry experience as pleasurable as it is enlightening. Dante would have been impressed.

Perhaps Angry Harry’s greatest gift to his readers is to encourage them to respect their anger enough to utilize it effectively and constructively rather than squander it nursing pointless and morally questionable fantasies, such as exacting retribution against women for their collective betrayal of men. I’m referring to those cringe-worthy rants by red pill blowhards who envision a Great Day of Reckoning in which women will be herded into compulsory workshops with titles like ‘How to Respect Men’ before demonstrating sufficient penance that would permit them back into the general population, much chastened from having ‘learned a valuable lesson’.

Angry Harry would have scoffed at such nonsense, not because he didn’t believe that the majority of Western women deserved it, but because he was a realist who knew that such a spectacle is never going to happen. What Angry Harry did believe would happen to women when men finally have enough of being demonized and abused by a corrupt system that panders so obsequiously to women in exchange for their collective betrayal is something we’ll come to later. In “Men Have Bred Dogs And Cattle; Why Not Women Too?”, Angry Harry begins by making it clear that he believed that such a point is inevitable and that the MHRM will be a major player in reaching it.

Well, in general, if men begin to see women as their adversaries rather than as their comrades, and a battle ensues, then the men will win hands down. The women will have no chance of succeeding.

The only question of real interest is, therefore, will there be such a battle? And the answer to this is that it is probably already taking place. The Men’s Movement is NOT a major power player in this battle, as yet, but it will be.

Angry Harry wrote this article more than five years ago, and it must have been deeply satisfying for him to have lived to see the “Men’s Movement” – now widely referred to as the MHRM – become the major power player in this battle that he predicted it would be, and be recognized as such by the other major players. In fact, these other major players are now so threatened by the MHRM that they have formed coalitions which have conducted global smear campaigns in which they have libeled the MHRM as a hotbed of reactionary extremism teeming with rapists, mass murderers and, God forbid, straight, white men. Meanwhile, Angry Harry is neither surprised nor impressed that the vast majority of Western women have chosen to stand with feminism rather than the men to who have sacrificed so much on their behalf:

Supporting feminism will probably turn out to be the biggest mistake that Western women have ever made. They have betrayed the very men who sacrificed much of their being and who worked and fought so hard in order to protect and care for them and themselves, and who have managed to provide the West with all the luxuries and benefits to which its peoples have grown so accustomed.

Compared to Western men, Western women have contributed very little to the stunning progress achieved in their societies and, currently, by supporting feminism they seem to be doing their damnedest to destroy what their men have achieved.

And if Western women continue to undermine their men by supporting agendas that discriminate against them, and that rob them of their homes, their children, their security, their dignity, and their heritage, then they will only have themselves to blame should men decide that they have had enough of all this ‘equality’.

Angry Harry believed that women had already missed the boat when it came to standing up for their men. They have stood by and watched in silence for so long as radical feminists marched into Western institutions and infected them with their misandric ideology to such an extent, that women can no longer provide any meaningful opposition, even if they wanted to. In other words, it won’t be women who put a halt to the systemic discrimination of men and boys. It will have to be done by men – men who are finally standing up for themselves and their sons, casting off the yoke of their enforced utility and demanding, not a return to the gynocentric system of old, but an entirely new deal with a non-negotiable range of conditions. Angry Harry explains:

For example, one of the best ways to ensure that peace and harmony prevail is for men to be treated properly, particularly by other men. And a major cause of violence and disharmony, whether at the street level or between nations, is partly the result of men having failed to learn to deal sympathetically and non-aggressively with other men.

And if men were brought up to treat each other with respect, the benefits for society would be huge. Instead, however, we have the complete opposite, with battalions of people in the government, the feminist media and the legal profession hell bent on creating as much disharmony as possible through the demonisation of men – particularly the white ones – in order to feather their own nests.

This demonisation has been so successful and so widespread – and its effects are now so ingrained – that it would likely take very many years before it could be countered sufficiently – possibly decades – if one were to try to achieve this through polite discussion, gentle persuasion and voting for the right politicians; and even this is assuming that the opposition would not put up much of a fight, which is unlikely.

Like many newly-minted MHRAs who were influenced by Angry Harry, this author initially balked at the assertion that polite discussion, gentle persuasion and relying on politicians should be so summarily dismissed, but years of witnessing the sheer futility of these approaches has proven that Angry Harry was right all along: compromise is not an option – it is a capitulation that will change nothing. Angry Harry contended that a real gender war was “unstoppable”, and that men would win it “hands down.

What exactly does Angry Harry believe will happen to women when men inevitably win the gender war? Let’s just say that it is a fate far more dire than having to mumble some apologies or attend a couple of workshops:

Another thing that men will also have learned by then is that women do not actually care that much for them…Western men will recognise that their women are a threat to themand so they will disempower them.

And so if Western women do not very quickly start supporting their men by helping them to destroy the outrageous discrimination and demonisation that they have continually to face but, instead, actually continue to collude with those very groups that promote such things, I cannot see any type of outcome that will, let’s just say, allow western women to retain the high status to which they have grown so accustomed.

If ‘empowerment’ is Western women’s Holy of Holies, then ‘disempowerment’ must surely represent their idea of a Descent into Hell. This is because feminists have promoted the idea that ‘empowerment’ is synonymous with ‘women’s rights,’ rather than what it is: the “high status” conferred on them by men through a dizzying array of protections, provisions, and privileges. Angry Harry understood this as implicitly as feminists do and, one suspects, women in general. It is men who empower women – and what men can give, they can also take away. Once stripped of their so-called empowerment, and everything it represents, women will be confronted with their ultimate nightmare: real equality with men. Most women would probably prefer the ‘How to Respect Men’ workshops, but that option was never on the table in the first place – disempowerment, however, is.

According to Angry Harry, the disempowerment of women will be understood and enforced by men as the only rational and reasonable response to a gender divide that has, in his words, “spiraled out of control.” By then, men won’t be feeling quite as generous or protective towards those whom, they have come to realize, have used these qualities against them. Nor will they be quite as desperate for female approval, scared of being labeled as misogynists or intimidated by the hectoring and emotional terrorism that results when men refuse to give in to unreasonable female demands. When men no longer care that much about people who openly loathe them, women’s well-worn weapons, like damseling, shaming and appeals to authority, will no longer work like they used to. This doesn’t necessarily mean that women will have anything to fear. But then, Angry Harry was never one to sugarcoat anything:

Of course, the disempowerment of Western women would not necessarily give rise to the ‘abuse’ of women. For example, children are mostly disempowered compared to their parents, but most parents do not use their greater power to abuse their children. Indeed, they do their best for their children.

And the same might happen with regard to Western women in the future.

But I wouldn’t bank on it – because the new advances that will be re-empowering men will be arriving on the scene at a time when Western men will have been subjected by women to gross unfairness and mistreatment for more than three decades.

And, on balance, they might well be in an ugly mood.

Hence the title of the article featured in this post. Angry Harry did not actually believe that men should – or ever would – breed women as if they were cattle or dogs. He was merely pointing out that they could if they wanted to, and that women would do well to keep this in mind. As mentioned before, Angry Harry was all about tough love.

Only when the saintly tolerance of men finally reaches its breaking point can feminism finally be appreciated for its only genuine contribution to civilization; as the means by which the vast majority of Western women were able to demonstrate, for decades on end. That their natural envy of men allowed them to delude themselves into believing that they are morally, ethically, intellectually, physically and spiritually superior to men. Rather than face the cold, hard reality that not even the very best of them have ever been superior to anyone else.

The gynocentric compulsion of men and women to deny this bitter but obvious truth is bringing Western civilization to its knees. Of all the demons that mankind has had to face, women have been the only destructive force that men have, so far, been loath to take by the horns. Most women, even the dimmest of them, know this and use it against men mercilessly. They assume that they will always be able to count on it – an assumption which, according to Angry Harry, will lead to the most ignoble downfall from grace the world has ever seen. Women will land splat onto the level playing field of equality where only the most recalcitrant of white knights will remain on hand to help them up on their feet.

Chivalry is a toxic mix of men’s learned acceptance of their own disposability, their natural compassion to protect those perceived to be weaker than themselves and the compulsion to attain female approval with possible side benefits. Chivalry will never be entirely eliminated – it will just develop a conscience and a sense of higher purpose. Those prone to it could assist women in learning how to cope with their disempowerment, such as teaching them how to negotiate the obligations of real equality, like accountability, responsibility and hauling around their own white goods. While Angry Harry expressed little sympathy for Western women in general, he never lost sight of the fact that feminists have always been the real culprits in this gender war:

Putting it simply; creating a society that exhibits a deep hatred of its men, the extent of which is evidenced, for example, by the fact that people will actually laugh at jokes about men whose penises have been cut off, was not, in my opinion, a very wise thing for feminists to do.

And I suspect that, one day, women will pay a price for this.

I suspect that Angry Harry will be proven right, and hope, as he did, that the change he envisioned will not create further division between the sexes, the dispensing of violence or the promotion of bigotry. Re-reading his vast output has highlighted the power and relevance of his perspectives. He was an optimistic realist who believed, above all, in the truth, and he had the unerring ability to convey it convincingly, entertainingly and with an unequaled sense of urgency. Many of his assertions and conclusions are jarring to the novice MHRA because they challenge so many of the assumptions about the world that they mistakenly thought they knew.

Angry Harry was a compassionate man who wrote with an eloquent rage aimed at waking men up to their predicament and providing them with the vocabulary with which to speak about issues which affect their rights and welfare and those of their fellow men. He was the first writer in the MHRM that I ever came across who wrote passionately of the need for “men to be treated properly, particularly by other men.” This simple statement was a revelation to me at the time, and it is the main reason why this article was chosen to represent Angry Harry’s enormous and enduring legacy.

Angry Harry convinced me that, one day, the feminist nightmare will come to an end, and when that day comes, it will be swift and bloodless. Men just want feminism gone and for women to be removed from its toxic influence. Interestingly, Luigi Logan (Fidelbogen) has also argued that feminism’s eventual demise will be inevitable, with or without the aid of organized push-back:

That is why we can predict that feminism must die eventually because it simply cannot expand forever. Sooner or later, the rest of the world will either actively push back or passively refuse to budge.

Like Luigi Logan, Angry Harry offers messages of hope to those who may otherwise see no end to the current predicament of men and boys. Those MHRAs who have benefited from Angry Harry’s wit and wisdom will be forever grateful to this great man, and will ensure that he will be forever honored as an independent thinker who spoke out against injustices that can no longer be ignored. Angry Harry will always be an inspiration whose eloquent rage will resonate for generations to come.

Rest peacefully, good sir – and thank you. You will always be a giant among us – a true pioneer whose name will always be treasured.

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