Elliot Rodger and the Big Blue Pill

Another mentally disturbed individual has picked up a gun and murdered his way into international headlines. This time in California, this time a 22-year-old, this time leaving behind a video record of his motives. Elliot Rodger was socially isolated, sexually frustrated, and apparently fully convinced of his own perfection as a highly desirable object of what he believed was deserved adulation from women who, it turned out, were not turned on by him.

Mr Rodger was not just sexually frustrated, he was socially isolated, and, unable to recognize his own neuroses. He elected to “punish” not-attracted-to-him women by killing them. Two women, along with four men, became his victims before Rodger shot himself following a gun battle with California police officers.

Now, according to some elements of mainstream media, Mr Rodger was not a mentally ill, very confused and angry sociopath, nope, he was a Men’s Human Rights Activist (MRA) – Seriously.

This idea, repeated, to their shame, by “respected” sites like Huffington Post and Time is so irresponsible and bottomlessly stupid that even being an active MRA, and thus slandered by them, I am most affected by a mortified embarrassment on their behalf.

Some commentators outside the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) have admirably already pointed out the falsehood, noting that Mr Rodger shot and killed twice as many men than women. At least one self identifying men’s rights activist has made the deeply unfortunate comment that “not all MRAs are like that”. Not all of them? For fucks sake; how about no MRA. Ever.

If, in fact, that very confused and mentally deranged young man had immersed himself in this movement, he would never have acted out his violent fantasies. He would not have killed anyone, including himself.

That bears repeating.

If Elliot Rodger had found the Men’s Rights Movement, and not simply the how-to-get-laid Pick-up Artist (PUA) segment of what is often mischaracterized by the term “manosphere” he would not have picked up a knife or gun.

Had Elliot Rodger actually become an MRA, he would have found an empowering way to heal from the psychological wounds which drove his violent fantasies: Wounds which led him to kill four men, two women, and then himself.

This is the part not yet mentioned by any MRA. Elliot Rodger was as conventional, mainstream and blue-pill in his self-identity as the most devout of male feminists. He took his personal identity from the consensus of the women around him rather than rejecting a publicly conferred male identity.

The most obvious fact in Rodger’s “my twisted life” diary was his desperate, unfilled need to be validated as a person of worth by the women he saw as arbiters of men’s identities. This is pure, undiluted mainstream thinking. And I am being excessively generous by use of the term “thinking”.

Among Elliot Rodger’s neuroses was that he suffered from an advanced, weapons-grade version of what I have previously termed female consensus conferral of public male identity.

Within the wider Men’s Rights Movement, a sub-genre exists almost entirely focused on self-determined male identity. This determination is separate from, and independent of the normal model of female consensus conferral. I refer, of course, to that movement of unwieldy acronym: MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way).

Elliot Rodger, to his detriment, was not his own man. He did not go his own way. He went the way of gynocentric culture and became, almost literally, the poster-boy for mainstream, pathological gender ideology.

So, for all you bleating feminists figuratively rending their clothes over this tragedy – if you want fewer Elliot Rodgers in the world, then you want more MRAs.

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