Eight Traits of the Bio-Gynocentrist

Are you a bio-gynocentrist? Do you think the purpose of manhood is to service womanhood because that’s how you’ve managed to interpret human biology? Do you think that women are more important than men because “we evolved that way”? Look for these eight traits and see if they apply to you. Included are some insights and advice for alternative ways of thinking for you.

1. You lack imagination. You cannot think of other ways you can live your own life as a man aside from being a white knight. You’ve probably mulled over the purpose of your existence as a male living on Earth in the present day and probably wondered why so many men were made disposable in war and other situations. Instead of coming to the sensible conclusion of “this was never just, I won’t be a part of this”, you process that as men’s ultimate purpose – to live and die in service. Think instead of what you could be on your own terms, not in contradiction to your expression of masculinity but fully in tandem with it.

2. You’re not terribly different from a feminist. The objectives of the bio-gynocentrist and the feminist are essentially the same with different details. The feminists focus on the mitigation if not the total elimination of the masculine in order to benefit their vision of womankind. The bio-gynocentrists see the male’s evolutionary purpose as a means to the female end, but useful and important to that end nonetheless. If you’re relieved at this fact, that at least you have a purpose, maybe you should re-examine your values and wonder why you’re so glad to have purpose prescribed to you by women towards their ends. What they have in common is that they hold males as a subordinate subset of the human species.

3. You probably love to brag about how hard-wired you are. Free will and human volition be damned! According to you, men can’t help doing things for women, including all the self-damaging things. It’s out of your control, and out of all men’s control. All of this is the argument for mindlessness and should be dismissed in favor of arguing for the free-willed man. The argument from hard-wiring is incredibly tempting because it implies non-accountability and non-responsibility for one’s own actions. Besides, who are you trying to please with this? Feminists? “Love us, feminists! We can’t help but do things that make us expendable. We do this for you!” Take a values-oriented and voluntaryist approach instead, that instead crafts a narrative in which men embrace their interests by their own will.

4. Your interpretation of biology is way off kilter. The evolution of humanity is about how it became a species of conscious individuals, and not about he is fundamentally not different from other animals and how allegedly there is a self-sacrificial mechanism built within us. Human beings are the species that can consciously recognize that men and women are equally valuable as sexes. And more important than that, we are the species that can consciously recognize that individuals have their own equal worth. All of this is something we have to put in voluntary effort into, however. We can think, or choose not to. The bio-gynocentrist says that man can’t choose (he is helpless and hardwired, remember?), and then uses that as the pretext for choosing not to think.

5. You essentially don’t hold women accountable. This will be your undoing, as it always has been for men. You look at the past with rose colored glasses and think we can go back to the good old days. It was a scam then, it is a scam now. If you treat women as royalty (with adorations such as “the fairer sex”, and others), women will in fact reward you…by treating you accordingly as a vassal. Female non-accountability is the blood and circulatory system of gynocentrism, no matter the form it takes. You think at least women will be expected to respect you back? Think of this this way: only accountable women with a full sense of their selves as individuals with agency will be able to respect you as a man. The prospect of royalty giving full respect to a vassal is an otherworldly fantasy.

6. You may be a collectivist. Masculinity is at its best expressed individualistically, and yet you’re preoccupied with a preordained purpose for males. You assess the male’s role in reproduction and in society, and judge men as not men if they stray from any derived notion from that assessment. You deem men as the disposable sex, and concur with scrutinizing women you’re trying to “win over” in courtship that a non-disposable man must be no man at all. You then commit the collectivistic sin of offering a singular “way of man.” Note that when I speak about individualistic masculinity, I don’t mean by a long shot “no masculine standards” nor “gender is whatever you want it to be”. I also most certainly don’t preclude the idea of brotherhood among men, quite the contrary! No, your maleness will be fundamentally a part of you, but the way it consistently operates in this world is myriad. Masculinity has a vast spectrum from the warrior archetype, to the athletic man, to the artist, to the guitarist, to the violinist, to the crafter of intricate plastic models, to the man working on his car, and so much more.

7. You might enjoy being on your knees. It’s where a knight belongs…especially in front of a woman. You’re probably the kind of guy who knows no alternative to spending a fortune on an engagement ring and go down on the floor in front of an audience as your prospective mate looks down upon you. You may find it hard to live life off of your own knees. It takes effort. Selling your soul is the easiest thing anyone can do. Try not selling your soul. Try getting off your knees. Nobody respects anyone looked down upon.

8. Your primary argument against these points is that it’s “biology denial” in the style of feminists. Wrong. It isn’t biology denial to say that societal conventions very much factor into human history, and the vulgarity of gynocentrism is always something that’s enforced and browbeaten. Gynocentrism is an issue of the mind, not something built into us that we are helpless against. What healthy interpretation of human biology says that males are the inferior counterpart to the females that are by design the most valuable along with their golden uteruses? What purpose do these evo-psychs have to preach this narrative except to try and win women’s favor? And, is it no wonder that plenty of women approve of this narrative of the biological purpose of man?

Some final thoughts to close on: humanity evolved to transcend the patterns of its pre-human condition. Humanity evolved to finally ask the existential question: “What is my purpose on this planet, where the existence of my being is limited?” It would serve the men’s movement well to make sure that men can answer this question without making the error of the gynocentric conclusion. Bio-gynocentrism, the attempt to portray men as biological serfs in the name of science and biology, can only serve as an obstacle.

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