Dr. Zuhair Zarifa of London, England placed on genital mutilators directory

Dr. Zuhair ZarifaFrom Dr. Zarifa’s website circumcisions.co.uk:

“Male Circumcision for All Ages

Many parents want their sons to be circumcised for health & hygiene, personal, social, cultural and religious reasons. Adult men also frequently perceive there are hygienic and sexual advantages to circumcision and choose to undergo the procedure for these reasons, often at the request of their wife or partner. The need to be circumcised can also arise when entering into another faith where it is obligatory.

Unfortunately, male circumcision is not available on the National Health Service unless there are pressing medical problems with the foreskin. Even then, the waiting lists can be very long, with consequent difficulty of discretely arranging time off work or school.

Dr. Zarifa, a qualified community-based surgeon, and a Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons, is very experienced in this procedure. He understands patients’ concerns and offers the operation in a modern treatment room which has full air conditioning and sterilising routines for equipment and instruments.”

That’s all the biographical information we get on Dr. Zarifa, which is puzzling. Maybe just an oversight?

As to a religion or partner that’s asking/requiring someone to amputate a part of their body – I’d say to reevaluate that partner or religion.

There are no known “sexual advantages” to circumcision so why mention that ‘men frequently perceive’ this as an advantage?

On the contrary, infant circumcision – genital mutilation – always results in scarring and bleeding, with many complications possible, including death.

Glad to see the NHS doesn’t pay for this unethical ELECTIVE surgery, however Dr. Zarifa, despite saying he “understands patients’ concerns,” forgets the most important patient, the infant, who gets no say.

In Dr. Zarifa’s leaflet under “Babies” we read:

If you want your son to be circumcised it is best to do it as early in his life as possible. An infant circumcision is simpler, usually requires no stitching and heals very quickly with proper care.

Circumcising a baby boy also has the advantage that he has no fear in anticipation nor memory of it afterwards. As he grows up with a circumcised penis it will seem natural to him and he will never need to face the procedure or make the adjustment of having it suddenly looking and feeling different as happens with a later operation.

So, better to sneak up on the baby early, hoping the psychological trauma will be forgotten or buried. Forget that sex ed stuff, that’s for girls, let’s fool boys into thinking their circumcised penis is the normal one. Or how about we leave the penis intact, like normal.

This under “Boys:”

After making an appointment for your son’s circumcision and a short time before he attends, you need to explain to him what will happen, why it is being done and that afterwards his penis will look and feel strange.

Avoid communicating any personal anxieties but try to be positive and encouraging in what you tell him. Much will depend on your son’s age, but keep your explanation simple and, especially if your son is very young, do not use alarming words like ‘cut’. It is enough to say something like; ‘his skin will be pushed back’ or ‘fixed’ so the tip of his penis is exposed and gets washed every time he has a bath. Do explain why it will be better for him to be like that.

Why lie to your child if he won’t accept it because it’s not medically necessary? Not ethical. And do tell us “why it will be better for him to be like that.”

Under “Men” there is “Re-do circumcision:”

Custom House Surgery has also been able to assist those who have been circumcised earlier in life and are unhappy with the result. Re-do circumcisions are often performed to remove excess foreskin left from a previous operation.

Those seeking a re-do circumcision may find their earlier surgery limits Dr Zarifa’s scope for remedial work. Ambitions may not be attainable simply because there is insufficient remaining tissue from the previous circumcision.

Seems a re-do circumcision is a complication of the first circumcision. No circumcision, no re-do circumcision.

Speaking of complications, Dr. Zarifa has no information on his website regarding risks or complications of neonatal circumcision. See the research here at neonatalcutting.org.

His practice information follows:

Custom House Surgery
16 Freemasons Road
Custom House, London E16 3NA
Telephone 020 7474 7684
Fax 020 7511 8980

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