Dr. Yong Kim invokes god to sell his infant mutilation services

Dr. Yong Sik Kim M.D. in Houston Texas does not encourage parents to have their son’s genitals mutilated because of any medical necessity, but because God says so.

On the front page of his website, he prominently invokes Old Testament scripture to induced parents toward the cut, as follows:

Dr. Yong Kim

You have to dig further into the site to find any medical information about his work. What is there is nearly as unimpressive as his use of religion to promote a medical procedure.

In the FAQs he has on his profile page, there is a great deal of incomplete and misleading information.


Q: Who needs a circumcision?

There are risks and benefits involved in the surgery. Circumcision is not mandatory for every male as it has both benefits and risks, but people with common complications such as infection, scarring, or phimosis are recommended to get the treatment.”

Dr. Yong Kim
Dr. Yong Kim

In other words, he is painting an unrealistic picture for his patients parents that fits his desire to make money. Medically necessary neonatal cutting is exceedingly rare. In Finland, for instance the rate of circumcision for all males is 1 in 16,667. There is no medical literature available anywhere that demonstrates that routine neonatal cutting is medically necessary, thus Dr. Kim’s appeal to religious authority over medical science.

He also provides information on the risks of NNC that cross the line into being misleading. From his FAQ;

Q: What are the risks associated with this procedure?

Bleeding, pain, and infection are the most common. Injury to the tube that carries urine from the bladder is possible though rare. Scarring could cause discomfort with intercourse for a few month, but this usually passes.”

For some reason, Dr. Kim leaves out some other noted risks. Death, permanent sexual disfigurement, alexithymia, midlife sexual dysfunction, interference with breast feeding and parent-child bonding.

Dr. Kim describes himself as a well-trained physician and board certified who performs a variety of medical and surgical procedures. He does not describe himself for what he really is, a profiteer using the religious beliefs of his patients to pressure them into sexually mutilating their children.

Here is hereby placed on the registry of child mutilators childmutilators.com, where he will remain until he stops mutilating baby boys for a living.

If you are an expectant parent considering the amputation of your son’s foreskin, please visit neonatalcutting.com and read the research that you will never know about from the likes of Dr. Kim and others of his ilk.

Dr. Kim’s practice information:

  • 8830 Long Point Rd #105
    Houston, TX 77055
  • Phone: 713-932-0240
  • Fax: 713-932-0252
  • Email: info@greenhealthclinic.com
  • www.houstoncircumcision.com
  • www.greenhealthclinic.com
  • Office hours
    Mon 8:30 – 5:00
    Tue 8:30 – 5:00
    Wed 8:30- 5:00
    Thur 8:30 – 1:00
    Fri 8:30 – 1:00
    Sat 8:30 – 1:00

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