Dr. Terry Russell of Brisbane, AU “Known Genital Mutilator”

175px-Terry-russellDr. Terry Russell of Russell Medical Centre in Brisbane, Australia has been placed on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory at neonatalcutting.org.

From his website circumcision.net.au “About:”

“The principal of Circumcision Australia group of doctors is Dr Terry Russell OAM. Dr Russell was the first doctor in Queensland to use the Plastibell device, and he pioneered the use of anaesthetic cream in Australia for a safer, more comfortable circumcision. His research forms the basis for current best-practice.
Since starting the use of topical anaesthetic cream in 1993, the circumcision Australia group of doctors have performed over 38,000 circumcisions using topical anaesthetic cream and the Plastibell. Dr Terry Russell is the only doctor ever appointed a mentor of the R.A.C.G.P for the teaching of circumcision. He has four children and fourteen grand-children of whom he is very proud.”

The Plastibell device comes in six sizes (see above) and must fit the boys penis to avoid extra complications, including death. It’s terrible that devices like this are legally made to facilitate the illegal, immoral, and unethical practice of cutting and amputating part of an infant’s genitals.

Under “Info” we see:

Circumcision is a simple surgical procedure that removes the foreskin – a sleeve of skin covering the end of the penis. Parents in Australia have the legal right to authorise circumcision. In order to make an informed decision, you must carefully consider the benefits and risks.

It’s not a “simple surgical procedure,” it’s a permanent amputation of an unconsenting infants body part that results in trauma that may affect the boy permanently. The AAP recommends against surgery such as circumcision on infants.

The doctor says “you must carefully consider the benefits and risks,” except no one gave parents a right by proxy to force elective permanent surgery on an infant. It’s like saying “he’s a Democrat” or “he’s a Republican” – stupid, right? Except here it’s mutilation.

Dr. Russell is not just a provider of circumcisions, he’s a big promoter and advocate for MGM. See some of his opinions in this news article at The Courier Mail, “Health officials no longer recommend it, but one doctor says all boys should be circumcised,” and this video from 60 Minutes Australia:



Under “FAQs” we read:

Russell Medical centre was the first group of doctor in Australia to research the use of anaesthetic cream in combination with the Plastibell for childhood circumcisions. The results of the research were published in 1996.The circumcision Australia group of doctors have now performed over 38,000 circumcisions for boys of all ages using topical anaesthetic and the Plastibell.
Results after 38,000 (plus) circumcisions:
There has never been a significant bleed
There has never been a transfusion
There has never been a systemic infection
There has never been a major cosmetic problem
There has been one minor anaesthetic problem, which resolved spontaneously overnight
Minor bleeds (drops, not mls) affect about 0.5 % of all boys and are easily treated in house
Minor infections (purely localised) affect less than 2% of all circumcisions and are always treated in-house and often don’t need antibiotics

The risks of any surgical procedure are:
Risk of bleeding
Risk of infection
Surgical mishap
Anaesthetic complications
The Plastibell technique has proven effective at minimising all these problems.

Risk of bleeding and scarring is 100% and many mangled penises end up causing untold numbers of boys years of discomfort and further surgeries.

Since Dr. Russell has incomplete information about the risks of circumcision, you can read that here at neonatalcutting.org.

Dr. Russell’s practice information follows:

(07) 3349 6444
(07) 3349 7444
620 Kessels Rd (via Benaud St), MacGregor QLD 4109

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