Dr. Sheldon A Wise added to genital cutting directory after death of infant boy

Dr Sheldon A Wise, a pediatrician and assistant professor at the University of Toronto Medical School, has been placed on a directory that lists practitioners who perform dangerous and unnecessary genital cutting on infants.

The directory is hosted at neonatalcutting.org, an advocacy group that educates expectant parents on the possible dangers and questionable benefits of neonatal cutting.

Sheldon becomes the first to be listed on this registry after it was discovered that one of his patients died by exsanguination after he reportedly “encouraged” the parents, who were not considering the procedure, to allow him to do the cutting.


There has been further controversy over the case since the child’s death resulted in no consequences for Sheldon, and has been largely handled behind closed doors, out of public view. A review of media coverage did not find mainstream articles mentioning Dr. Sheldon by name.

His practice information is currently listed as:

Dr. Sheldon A Wise

Division: Paediatric Medicine, General Paediatrics Section

Assistant Professor, Department of Paediatrics, University of Toronto

Telephone: (416) 635-5581

3910 Bathurst Street Suite 103

Downsview, Ontario M3H 3N8

Expectant parents and others are encouraged to visit neonatalcutting.org to find medical research as well as personal and professional testimony about the practice of neonatal cutting before they make a decision to subject their newborn boys to the risk.


Sheldon A Wise

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