Dr. Samir Al-Ali of London, “Known Plastic Surgeon / Genital Mutilator”

Does your doctor have a dark side?

al-ali logoIs he or she a seemingly normal doctor by all other accounts who mutilates babies as a sideline? I give you Dr. Samir Al-Ali, a plastic surgeon who also circumcises male infants at his clinic “Circumcision in London.”

Dr. Samir Al-ali has been placed on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory at neonatalcutting.org.

Dr. Al-Ali practices plastic surgery at the same location as his circumcisions, but uses a different website,  beverleyclinic.co.uk, which brings up something I’ve been thinking about.

Does your doctor have a dark side?

Would you knowingly support someone who sexually abuses children? How about someone who performs Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)? You wouldn’t? Then why support anyone who practices MGM, because that’s exactly what circumcisers do.

We can help stop these heinous acts by voting with our feet and avoiding these ‘doctors’ for all services that they provide, giving them the message that genital mutilation of infants is immoral and most likely illegal.

From Dr. Al-Ali’s website circumcisioninlondon.co.uk:

“Welcome to our Circumcision Clinic in London, offering you professional services in circumcision for all ages. The circumcision will be pain free since our very own Plastic Surgeon has worked in the medical profession for more than 30 years and has competently carried out major life saving surgeries in the UK and overseas. His excellent work and contribution has seen his work published in the newspaper and on international TV.

Pain-free Circumcision

The circumcision is pain-free during and after the procedure. Dr Al-Ali has had 30 years experience in giving local anaesthetic. Before starting the circumcision, Dr Al-Ali will test the patient making sure that the circumcision is completely pain-free.”

There’s no way of knowing the level of pain endured by the infant, but we know that it is not painless, and the AAP recently declared that this procedure is not safe for infants.

Under “Feedback” we see:

Paul Davey – 56 years old

First, briefly the reason why: Unlike my 5 brothers who were all circumcised shortly as infants, for some reason I was left intact, despite our mother being a trained nurse and a history of phimosis known to be common in our family. At my own request, after years of putting up with the usual problems of a tight, restrictive foreskin, I was finally circumcised under the NHS in my late teens. It was then a very painful experience, but I accepted it had to be done and was grateful for the help. I’m sure they did their best. That said, I was never happy with the result, my circumcision scar was noticeably uneven, and only extended about half-way down my glans when flaccid, or even partially erect. I still had some discomfort and pinching pressure when my penis naturally retracted into my body, such as when sitting for long periods of time, as in a theatre, or a long car journey, but to be fair this was generally mild, and in the end I just got used to it. A few months ago, having met the lady who was to become my wife, she made it clear at the start that for health reasons, she only ever had sexual relationships with circumcised men, and although she accepted that I had indeed been circumcised, she found the condition of my penis off-putting and she asked me to have a fuller, proper circumcision done at some stage soon after our marriage. I had never heard of recircumcision before but I agreed. We researched this subject on the internet, and this fiinally led us to Dr Al-Ali.

I left the surgery about 2PM, having arrived at midday. The journey back to South London took about 2 hours, not at all bad. I took the pain-killers about an hour later, about 5PM, as instructed. I changed into a tee shirt and light weight jogging bottoms, but kept 2 pairs of underpants on, again as instructed. My wife arrived home about 7pm as usual, and immediately asked for a visual inspection! At this point I noticed that the dressing had come off. Dr. Al-Ali had warned me that in my own case, this would probably happen as my penis retracts into my body rather more than most, a condition known as “hidden” or “buried” penis. However, when I stand up, my penis comes back out by itself, so it never been a real problem. I should perhaps research this a bit more, but then again, the saying “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” comes to mind. I could tell by her expression that she was delighted with the result, then she said that this was exactly how she had imagined how it would look, and I showed her how to replace the dressing, which she did extremely well. We spent a very quiet evening together, she called her parents to tell them the news. As always, they were happy to hear their daughter’s excited voice. “Like a dog with a new bone” I heard her father laughing. They are great people, really.

Time passed, my pubic hair began to grow back and the stitches began to gradually dissolve. The feeling of my glans rubbing against the material of my underpants felt strange at first, but I quickly got used to it, as I suppose all newly circumcised men must!

My wife is so much more relaxed now she knows the operation is over, we got exactly the result we imagined and was a real success. There really is no down side. I will conclude with a big thank you from my wife and I to Dr.Al-Ali, Mohammed and the rest of his staff for the job they did for us. The whole experience was professional, friendly and very efficient. This has brought my wife and closer together, she was right all along [as usual.]

I don’t know if he needed that circumcision in his teens, but it sure disfigured his penis beyond having a “tight foreskin,” and remember, the patient above consented to his surgery, a right that Dr. Al-Ali doesn’t afford to the infants he disfigures.

“Like a dog with a new bone.” Really?

Let’s be frank – the medical profession has done a shitty job protecting baby boys from this unethical practice and it continues due to ignorance and greed. Medicine must learn about the function and care of the foreskin rather than treating it as a disease to be amputated. The man above should have had an option to fix his tight foreskin and not remove it.

Under “Benefits of Circumcision:”

Benefits of Circumcision:

1.Circumcision improves the hygiene and cleanliness of the penis

2.It reduces the risks of balanitis and balanopothitis (Inflammation of glans and the foreskin)

3. Circumcision decreases the risk of HIV in men (BMJ 2000;320(7249):1592 (10 June). For further readings, please visit http://www.bmj.com/cgi/content/full/320/7249/1592

4. Females with circumcised partners are at a reduced risk of contracting cancer of the cervix of the womb than females with uncircumcised partners. If you would like to find out more then please visit http://www.bmj.com/cgi/content/full/320/7249/1592

5. Circumcision eliminates the risks of phimosis (inability to retract the foreskin during erection) and paraphimosis (inability to relax the foreskin after erection).

6. Circumcised men are much less susceptible to cancer of the penis

7. Circumcision also reduced the risk of urinary tract infections

All these supposed “benefits” have been debunked, and are just the latest attempts to justify this practice.

Don’t support genital mutilation by supporting the careers of plastic surgeons, Ob/Gyns, or pediatricians that also cut babies. See “Known Genital Mutilators” or do a search of the doctor + “circumcision.”

Since Dr. Al-Ali has incomplete information about the risks of circumcision, you can read that here at neonatalcutting.org.

Dr. Al-Ali’s practice information follows:

Tel: 020 8951 3794
Mob: 0788 6779958

Circumcision in London
78 Beverley Drive


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