Dr. Nadeem Haider of Leeds, England “Known Genital Mutilator”

_wsb_350x261_DSCN0065Dr. Nadeem Haider of the Children’s Circumcision Service in Leeds has been placed on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory at neonatalcutting.org.

From Dr. Haider’s website circumcisionleeds.com:

Children’s Circumcision Service in Leeds provides religious and cultural circumcision for boys upto the age of sixteen years. The procedure is performed by experienced doctors. Two doctors in the consortium are consultant paediatric surgeons and the other two are experienced General practitioners with over twenty years experience in performing circumcisions.

We have set up this high standard, ethical service considering the need of the community in Leeds, Bradford and the surrounding areas. This is a private community based service. We are based at Rutland Lodge Medical Centre, an easily accessible location on Scott Hall Road Leeds, close to the city centre. The medical centre has a comfortable waiting lounge, a separate consultation room, a well equipped minor operating theatre, baby changing facilities, a pharmacy, and ample free on site car parking.

Currently, we provide this service on weekends only.”

So, we have four highly skilled surgeons that perform untold thousands of genital mutilations on unconsenting infants for religious and cultural reasons, and they consider this a “high standard, ethical service.” I call it a money grab that’s tainted with the blood and sacrifice of innocent children.

I assume the doctors do normal people healing during the week – cure disease, treat conditions, etc. – and only on weekends wreak permanent abuse on unconsenting infants.

Under “About Us:”

This service is run by two Paediatric Surgeons (Mr Nadeem Haider and Mr Abid Qazi) and two very experienced General Practitioners (Dr. M Shafiq and Dr. Naseem Khan). This makes it a unique service in the community providing a high class, ethical circumcision service in UK. This was started due to lack of a good service in the community and the fact that that NHS does not fulfill the demand for religious and cultural circumcision in this area. Many parents run pillar to post to find a suitable service and at times end up traveling long distances to have this procedure done. The service is based in a modern, recently developed facility at Rutland Lodge Medical Centre, close to Leeds City Centre. The centre is easily accessible with ample parking facility. The procedures are performed in an operation theatre using sterile equipment.

Assaulting and sexually abusing an infant is not ethical no matter how many times you say it.

And the reason – to their credit – the NHS (National Health Service) doesn’t perform circumcision is that they know it’s not medically necessary.

Under “Procedures” we read:

Parents requesting religious and cultural circumcision in the UK is quite common. The National Health Service has limited provision for religious and cultural circumcisions. This is insufficient to cater for all local needs. It is important for parents to ensure that they contact experienced medical personnel for this procedure.

We use various techniques for circumcision depending upon age of the child.

Plastibell Technique

The plastibell technique, commonly known as the ring method,is a simple procedure. It can be safely performed by trained medical personnel with an acceptable (low) rate of complications. In this method a plastic ring is put on the tip of penis under the foreskin and a thread is tied tightly over the ring and foreskin. The thread gradually cuts the foreskin and the ring eventually falls off in seven to ten days duration. The most common risk is bleeding in first 24 hours, which can mostly be controlled without requiring any further surgical procedure.

The ring method is also one of the most common techniques used for infant circumcision in the United States.

“Parents requesting religious and cultural circumcision in the UK is quite common,” infants requesting circumcision, not so much.

Although the doctor says the Plastibell device has an “acceptable (low) rate of complications,” it has been to blame for many injuries, including death.

Under “Your Questions” we see:

Who will perform the circumcision?

Our Surgeons Mr Abid Qazi and Mr Nadeem Haider, who are consultant Paediatric surgeons and Dr Mohammad Shafiq and Dr Naseem Khan, who are experienced General Practitioners will perform the procedure according to the current guidelines set by GMC and British Association of Paediatric Surgeons. All four doctors are highly experienced in performing circumcision procedures and have more than twenty year experience. Please inquire the name of doctor while booking for the procedure if you want to know who will perform the procedure.

How long will the procedure take?

A standard procedure does not take more than 40 minutes including explanation of the procedure, going through a process of informed consent and the actual procedure. Although you will have to stay at our centre for 2 to 3 hours.

What are the common complications?

We will discuss in detail the possible complications before performing the circumcision. As a legal requirement we will also ask you to sign a consent form. If the procedure is performed carefully and by fully trained clinicians, the rate of complications is very low.

The doctor should know that the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend surgery such as circumcision on infants because of damage to an immature nervous system.

The only valid consent form would be signed by the infantile patient, an impossibility. The unethical practice of allowing parents to consent for their infant boy to MGM is illegal and immoral, and something parents should think about.

Under “Feedback” we read:

“We are writing to thank you for the wonderful service you provide. We were extremely happy with the manner in which the circumcision of our son was performed, it was professional and reassuring. We were especially pleased with the following up done and the concern shown for our son’s welfare.

We would definitely recommend your service to our friends.”

Brett & Vanessa Malila

Need I even comment on this?

Since Dr. Haider has incomplete information about the risks of circumcision, you can read that here at neonatalcutting.org.

Dr. Haider’s practice information follows:

Rutland Lodge Medical Centre

Near Scott Hall sports centre

Scott Hall Way, Leeds

Post Code LS7 3RA

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