Dr. Jeff Tarr of Sippy Downs, AU “Known Genital Mutilator”

Dr.Jeff Tarr has been placed on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory at neonatalcutting.org

From his website drtarr.com:

“Dr Jeff Tarr is a Circumcision and IVF Specialist based at Sunshine Coast Private Hospital in Buderim
Dr Tarr graduated in medicine at the University of Queensland in 1972. He obtained a D. Obs (RCOG) in 1975, and the specialist MRCOG qualification in London in 1980.

He returned to Australia in 1981 , the FRACOG following in 1982 & the FRANZCOG in 1998. He has been in practice as a Specialist Obstetrician / Gynaecologist on the Sunshine Coast since 1982 but retired from these in 2015.

Dr Tarr is a fertility specialist for IVF Sunshine Coast and a Specialist with Queensland Fertility Group, and has performed Circumcisions for over forty years.

He also has extensive experience in Obstetrics (delivered 5000+ babies), laparoscopic surgery and general office gynaecology. His experience in pelvic floor surgery is extensive, having inserted over 1000 permanent & biologic meshes since their inception in 1998.”

Dr. Tarr must think of a baby boy as a dog needing to be fixed, just an animal with no human rights or self-determination.

Doctor – after delivering thousands of babies and mutilating many of them – have you lost your humanity? For shame.

Under “Circumcision” we read:

Dr Tarr performs circumcision on Sunshine Coast, Queensland. If you are expecting a baby boy in the near future, you may be considering whether or no to have him circumcised. The procedure is often done according to religious or cultural traditions or for personal or medical reasons. Circumcision has always been a debated practice, but in recent years, the controversy surrounding circumcision has grown. If you are considering having your baby boy circumcised, it is important to weigh both the risks and benefits of the procedure so that you can make the best decision for your family. Circumcision is a medical procedure that removes a boy’s foreskin from his penis. The foreskin is a sleeve of skin that covers the lower shaft of the penis, working to protect the head, or “glands” of the penis. Circumcision is typically performed one or two weeks after labor and birth.
For an extensive online resource on circumcision check out www.circinfo.net/

There are no medical reasons for circumcision, and to perform this risky, unnecessary surgery ritually for religious reasons is unethical. The website given is wildly pro-circumcision produced by the notorious Brian Morris, author of the propaganda pamphlets below.

Under “Circumcision Procedure” we read:

Your baby’s circumcision will be performed using a Plastibell. This is a small plastic ring which fits inside the foreskin over the head of the penis. A ligature (string) is tied on the outside of the foreskin so that the foreskin is compressed between a deep groove on the ring on the inside and the ligature outside. There are several advantages to this Plastibell technique.

  • The clamping cuts off circulation of the foreskin so it should not bleed.
  • Because the circulation is cut off it is difficult for infection to ascend beyond that point.
  • The clamping cuts off the nerve supply so that it should be relatively painless afterwards.
  • Because the Plastibell is sitting over the head of the penis it accurately defines the level at which the circumcision occurs.
  • No dressings are necessary. You can bathe him normally and the ring will drop off of its own accord several days later.
    Some people are under the impression there is no cutting involved but this is not so. It is normal practice to trim off the surplus foreskin above the ligature point as this skin becomes vascular and will die off anyway. Removal of this part of the foreskin is part of the Plastibell procedure so that when the procedure is over circumcision is complete.

Yes, it’s as horrible as it sounds, it’s not needed, it ruins normal genitals and robs the boy of having a normal sex life with a normal penis.

Under “Deciding on Circumcision” we see:

Circumcision is a highly personal decision that your and your partner must make together.

Here are some tips to help you make the right decision for your child:

Make an appointment to talk about circumcision.
Talk with other parents who have had the procedure performed on their children.
Watch a circumcision being performed, either in person or on videotape.
Be sure to consider your religious beliefs and cultural attitudes.
Reduced Sexual Enjoyment: The foreskin contains highly sensitive nerve endings which help to increase lubrication and enjoyment during sexual intercourse.
Increased Hygiene Care after Birth: Circumcision may actually increase the amount of personal care you give your child after birth. The wound must be carefully cleaned and bandaged to prevent infection.
Some parents may also be against circumcision as they view the practice as a type of mutilation, instead preferring to let their child make the decision whether or not they would like to be circumcised when they are older.

Please heed the doctor’s warning: watch a circumcision, respect your son’s “sexual enjoyment,” and let him “make the decision.”

Listed are some ridiculous pro-circumcision propaganda that would be funny if not so tragic:

Sex and male circumcision: What every woman needs to know

And from the brochure “Have you heard about the benefits of Circumcision” we have this gem:

In conclusion
Circumcision confers a lifetime of medical benefits. Many
uncircumcised males will develop a medical condition leading
to suffering and, in some cases, even death. In contrast,
circumcision can prevent most of these medical conditions.
The surgical risk from medical circumcision in a modern setting
is extremely low, while the long-term functional and cosmetic
outcomes are generally excellent.

All lies, unfortunately.

Since Dr. Read has incomplete information about circumcision, you can learn more from the video and research listings at neonatalcutting.org.

Dr E.J. Tarr
Ochre Health Medical Centre,
9 Ochre Way
Sippy Downs QLD 4556
Phone: 07 5373 0700

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