Dr. Jay Buenafe of Manitoba, Canada placed on genital mutilators directory

Dr. Jay BuenafeFrom Dr. Buenafe’s website circumcisionmanitoba.ca:

“Dr. Jay Buenafe is a well-known and respected physician in Manitoba with over 8 years of practice in Family Medicine.

Dr. Jay has expanded his practice to include circumcision for men at all stages of life from infancy to children to teen to adult. He has studied and trained with Dr. Neil Pollock, a pioneer and foremost authority in North America on this procedure, to provide families & men with a trusted circumcision doctor in Winnipeg and the Manitoba area.”

Actually, this physician performs just two procedures, vasectomy and circumcision, with circumcision making up the majority of his income. On the home page are these cheerful proclamations:

A thirty second procedure with excellent cosmetic result.

A one-time gift to your son that lasts a lifetime.

So, risky, elective, and “cosmetic” surgery on non-consenting infants done in thirty seconds is a “gift.” Well, he’s right that it’s a lifetime “gift” – that the infant is unfortunately stuck with.

Under “The Process:”

All the following steps are taken to ensure your son has minimal discomfort during the procedure. Your son is given ¾ th ml or 1 ml of Tempra (Infants Tylenol, 80 milligram/milliliter concentration) at home ½ hours before the procedure. Then in our office, he will have a topical anesthetic cream applied that numbs the penile skin. Next he is given an injection called a dorsal penile ring block into soft tissue alongside the penis. The anesthetic cream has numbed the skin already so the injection is of little bother to him at this point. After 10 minutes the penis is “Frozen” and the circumcision is done. During the circumcision, he will receive sugar pacifiers to suck on, which will reduce his pain perceptions. The circumcision takes only 30 to 60 seconds with this technique, although the preparations described above requires you to be with him for one hour in our office.

Dr. Buenafe seems proud that he circumcises in 30 seconds – although I wouldn’t consider speed a positive thing. From intactwiki.org:

“Buenafe peddles the Mogen technique (as the “Pollock technique” on his website), but what he may not tell parents is that the Mogen clamp has been notorious for glans amputations, even among experienced conductors of circumcision. Mogen went out of business after losing a 10.8 million dollar law suit, after a mohel severed the end of a baby’s glans using one of their clamps. Mogen claimed that injury was impossible with its use.”

Under “FAQs:”

What complications are possible from circumcision?

Complications are rare. Occasionally there can be bleeding from the circumcision many hours after the procedure. This is treated by putting some pressure with a gauze on the penis for three minutes to close the oozing blood vessel. (This will be demonstrated to you by our staff), very rarely more serious bleeding can occur which may require a visit to the hospital. Infection is also a possible complication. It is extremely rare and can be associated with redness and puss and a foul smell from the circumcision. It is treated by putting polysporin 5 times a day on the penis which usually resolves any infection within 1-2 days.
Are more serious complications possible?

Yes, they are possible, however, to date there have never been any serious complications at our offices.
Will it hurt my baby?

Many babies can sleep right through the entire procedure. We find that most babies will experience little or no pain at all.

Complications are NOT rare, as ALL circumcisions result in bleeding, scarring, and amputation of part of the penis. Since no serious complications are listed, you can find that here.

The doctor has no way of knowing that most babies “experience little or no pain at all.”

Under “Parent’s Guide to Circumcision:”

Why do so many doctors recommend the Buenafe Clinic for patients choosing circumcision?
The procedure is done in under 30 seconds. (10 times quicker than most hospital circumcisions)
Extensive pain control methods are used, including Tylenol, a sugar solution (to reduce pain perceptions), a topical freezing cream, and a local anesthetic injection
Low complication rates
No hospital administration fees are charged
Set up is done quickly in the clinic

Why do parents choose to circumcise their sons?

Research shows that:
It reduces the risk of urinary tract infection.
It reduces the risk of penile infection also called balanoposthitis.
It eliminates the need to do it later in life when up to 6% of boys will require a circumcision because of various problems. (When it is done later in life, it is a more costly, difficult, and riskier procedure requiring a general anesthetic, and it is more painful).
It reduces the risk of getting some sexually transmitted diseases including Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and AIDS (HIV).
It reduces the risk of penile cancer and cervical cancer in partners.
Circumcised men have less risk of sexual dysfunction later in life.

Why do parents choose not to circumcise their sons?
They do not want to cause pain or complications to an otherwise healthy baby
They are concerned that their child may wish later on that he had not been circumcised
They are unaware of the medical reasons in favor of a circumcision.

These supposed benefits of circumcision have no basis in truth – see that here.


For detailed information about the medical benefits and risks of circumcision, please go to www.medicirc.org a website written by world renowned pediatrician- Dr.Edgar Schoen of San Francisco California, USA.

Dr. Schoen is a wildly pro-circumcision advocate that has been debunked many times, however the link given doesn’t work.

Under “Complications” we see recycled listings taken verbatim from other circumcision doctors in Canada, namely Dr. Bob Reddoch and Dr. Neil Pollack. The stated frequency of these complications are also for one of these practices, but we don’t know which one. Other information, such as “Before and After the Circumcision” seems also to have been taken from these other doctor’s websites, Reddoch’s “Before” and “After” and Pollock’s “Before” and “After,” added in a hodgepodge manner, and not sourced.

Is the information on Dr. Buenafe’s website accurate and specific to his practice, or was it just cut and pasted from Reddoch or Pollock? Why are these doctors listing frequency of complications for an unknown practice? This should raise red flags as to the accuracy of any of this information.

Circumcision in the Media” lists pro-circumcision articles that are dubious or flat-out lies.

Since Dr. Buenafe’s website has incomplete information about risks, see that here at neonatalcutting.org

Watch Dr. Buenafe’s Circumcision Video.

Dr. Buenafe’s practice information follows:

Buenafe Clinic
930 Jefferson Avenue, Suite 203
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2P 1W1TEL: 204.697.9013
FAX: 204.697.9017


Dr. Jay Buenafe’s cell (204) 997-9782.

Find him on Facebook and Twitter.

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