Don’t touch that dial: A busy week for Pauley Perrette

Hoo-boy! Here comes drama and I’m making a truckload of popcorn. Star Crazy NCIS star (and serial restraining order abuser) Pauley Perrette has a big week ahead of her and it should be very interesting to watch. To set the mood, dim the lights and reread this update we published a few days ago (content of which has apparently inspired a new Twitter hashtag: #boycottncis):

“You’re a tool of a psychpath stalker. Have you no mom? Have you no God? I see you want to be famous. Protect the stalked, not the stalkers”

What. A. Bitch. Have I said that before? “Protect the stalked” is exactly what we are trying to do, from the actions of criminally corrupt Prosecutor and Deputy LA City Attorney Elizabeth “He’s breathing! That’s harassment!” Gertz, corrupt LAPD Detective Jose “Gimme a hug” Viramontes, and retired corrupt Detective Martha “Don’t you dare bring up my sexual harassment case” DeFoe, along with cyber-stalking bully Hollywood PI John “Throw spaghetti on yourself and have your husband arrested” Nazarian, Daniel “Get me a job at NCIS and I’ll shut the hell up” Rivas, and a few others. Anyway, gotta love that little TwiTantrum, and kudos to Charles C. Johnson of for sharing the audio recording, which Our Dear Pauley oddly didn’t address in her tweet.

We at AVfM are happy to see another media source publicizing the parts of the story that Perrette & Co. aren’t telling—like the part about who is the real criminal in the decade-long vendetta Perrette has carried out against her ex-husband, Francis (Coyote) Shivers. Indeed, it appears that still another (as yet unnamed and quite famous) publication is considering covering it as well. Said publication was once considered a “tabloid,” back in the days before nearly all commercial news outlets became tabloids.

Pauley’s Big Adventure begins Tuesday, September 23, with the 12th season premier of “The Abby Show,” aka NCIS. I’m sure those of us who still watch the Big Three will be glued to our televisions, waiting to see what hi-jinks Gibbs and the gang are up to now. And not to be catty (Oh, who am I kidding? MEOW!), but I sure hope that’s a wig on the top of Perrette’s empty head. She supposedly had to stop dyeing her hair Decades-Too-Young Black due to allergies, and I’ve seen a couple of close-ups: either she’s wearing a wig or her hair is toast. I won’t be watching the show, but I’ll certainly be monitoring a few Twitter feeds.

Wednesday the 24th is the really big day, although I suspect Perrette won’t be calling attention to it. Wednesday is the court hearing for her request to make her temporary restraining order against Coyote Shivers a permanent restraining order. Perrette has been ordered by Judge Hank Goldberg to be present at this hearing, something she has managed to avoid for many years. Yet another declaration presumably will not suffice; she will be required to testify, and be cross-examined, in person. I have no idea if she plans to show up. A Voice for Men submitted, and was of course denied, another press request to record the hearing. Also believed to have submitted requests are NCFM,, and the yet-unnamed news source. It will be interesting to see if any media requests were granted. There will be plenty going on that we would love to document.

Will Our Dear Pauley show? She’s rather stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place. If she testifies, she’ll have to answer for copious quantities of past and present lies, under oath. If she doesn’t appear, she risks arrest. If it weren’t for that pesky perjury thing, I’m sure she’d just love to arrive with an entourage of about 20 hulking bodyguards, all giving the stink-eye to the innocuous man who “terrifies” her so. My guess is no, she won’t be there. Since her campaign of restraining order terrorism is no longer being swept under the rug, she can’t afford to testify; she hasn’t been required to do so since she first launched the process of stalking, harassing, and attempting to ruin Coyote Shivers.

If she testifies now, all her sleazy lies will be out in the open—the day after her big premier. I predict that the “& Co.” part of Perrette & Co. will present the judge with yet another dramatic and completely fabricated declaration packed with excuses for her absence and will humbly beg for leniency—the poor dear will simply be too terrified to be in the same secure, heavily guarded courthouse as Shivers. Remember that “breakdown” I predicted last year? She might even arrange to be hospitalized due to emotional trauma. Wouldn’t that be a great publicity stunt?

If (when) she doesn’t show up, what will the new judge in the case, Stephen Moloney, do? Will he postpone the hearing? (Yeah, let’s drag this out another 10 years, shall we?) Will he accept another declaration in spite of the order to appear? Will he sign a warrant for Pauley Perrette’s arrest? (Oh, the PR mileage she’d get out of that!) Will Perrette simply forfeit, let the damn TRO die, hoping the whole thing will quietly go away? (It won’t. Trust me. It won’t.) Who knows, maybe another “Angela Garber” will mysteriously appear in the remaining few days before the hearing, spouting more ludicrous (but ostensibly unrelated) false allegations against Coyote Shivers. If that happens, I’m pretty sure this time it won’t fly. Perrette may finally be running out of “pals” she can manipulate into playing her little game—it’s getting to be a rather risky business now that people are watching.

Nothing is scheduled for Thursday, beyond dealing with the possible (Mmm, what’s the proper forensic term? Ah yes!) “blowback” from the hearing. Friday the 26th, however, Ms. Star Crazy will surely be awaiting the outcome of Mr. Shivers’s hearing in criminal court. This will be a routine “progress report” hearing related to his patently wrongful conviction for violating the criminally obtained “temporary” restraining order that’s been hanging over his head for a decade. —Yes, Your Honor, Mr. Shivers has been following all the rules. No, Ms. Gertz, giving an interview to was not harassment, nor was it intimidation, or anything else you want to call it. It was a man exercising his Constitutional rights. And you might want to take a peek at that little document, just for the hell of it. I had to memorize it to pass eighth grade, and it wasn’t that difficult.

Whatever the legal outcomes of the coming events, I can guarantee a couple of things. One is that A Voice for Men, along with others, will continue to investigate and expose Pauley Perrette’s lies and crimes until her utter depravity is common knowledge, and not just among those who are very well paid to protect her reputation. She will probably never see the inside of a jail cell, but at the very least her career should end when NCIS does, if not sooner. If she becomes “Hollywood poison,” the lack of attention and adulation would drive her crazier than she already is—a perfectly suitable consequence for her despicable behavior.

The other guarantee I’d make is that Coyote Shivers will survive and probably thrive. He has lived under the weight of this bullshit for a decade. Yes, it has been horribly traumatic, but it hasn’t destroyed him. And it won’t, which likely frustrates and infuriates Perrette more than anything ever has or ever will. Shivers was not her first victim, and he probably won’t be her last, but choosing him was her biggest mistake. Who’d have thought that a soft-spoken, cheerful, good-natured man would stand up to all the money and influence wielded by one of Hollywood’s darlings? Our Dear Pauley sure didn’t. Years of effort and money spent manufacturing drama and unprovoked malicious lies, and she has already lost.

She just doesn’t know it yet.

We’re going to need a lot of melted butter and a bit of salt for the popcorn.

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