Do you plan to attend the Budapest conference (10,11 August)? If so, you need to order your ticket(s) WITHIN THE NEXT SEVEN DAYS.

We’re greatly looking forward to the Budapest conference (10,11 August). The events are the annual showcases for the global men’s rights movement, and very important for the morale of the people active within it, as well as countless men and women with an interest in the human rights of men and boys. We have a great speaker line-up, and Janice Fiamengo will be the keynote speaker. Paul Elam and I will be the co-MCs.

As we explained some time ago, here, it’s essential that we’re confident of a sufficient number of attendees to make the event financially viable, in a timely fashion. This means selling enough tickets (£260.00) by the close of play on 12 April, just seven days away. You can order your ticket(s) here.

We recently published a video including my discussion with Paul Elam and Janice Fiamengo, it’s on Paul’s YouTube channel, here (video, 17:01).

We look forward to meeting you in Budapest, for another great event, 10 years after the first, organised by Paul Elam and held near Detroit, on behalf of A Voice for Men.

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