Did David Futrelle threaten Cassie Jaye?

David Futrelle, publisher of the online supermarket tabloid We Hunted the Mammoth, appears to be suffering from enough stress to wilt a buttercup.

You can visit his website yourself for his open letter to Cassie Jaye, as we are not linking to him. Be sure to wear something that does not clash with yellow.

The Red Pill, filmmaker Cassie Jaye’s documentary on the MHRM and gender politics, appears to challenge his worldview, thus the crying and stained diapers. Some backstory on his tantrum will explain.

With two successful (and objective) documentaries under her belt, Jaye has been working on the third, this one about the Men’s Human Rights Movement. As a feminist with solid film creds she should have been able to secure plenty of funding for the project. This was not the case. The reason, according to Cassie, is that the people who normally back such projects — film schools and universities – wanted the “creative control” required to turn her film into a hit piece on the MHRM.

She wouldn’t allow it.

Apparently, Jaye did not get the memo that her work required passing a litmus test issued by people like David Futrelle,  and now Futrelle is sending his flying monkeys of feminist journalism to descend upon her like a swarm of Dworkinian locusts.

Unfortunately, a lot of other people did get that memo and Cassie Jaye’s funding was cut off as surely as if it lived with Lorena Bobbitt. Every door she approached in the feminist dominated establishment was locked and bolted. Even some of her friends turned on her.

With no funding to be had and seeing her film and her livelihood in danger she did the only thing she could do. She turned to one of the last places in western culture not under complete feminist control – the internet. She started a Kickstarter to fund the project.

The fundraiser sat for approximately two weeks with a little more $20,000 of its $97,000 goal. Many in the MHRM personally donated small amounts of money to Cassie’s fundraiser without any certainty, other than her reputation, that she would be true to her word and produce a fair and balanced film. The result was what you would expect and the project was in trouble. Then a small miracle happened.
Milo Yiannopoulos found Cassie’s fund raiser and decided to write about it.

The fundraiser immediately went viral. In less than two days, Jaye’s fundraiser burst through the finish line like David Futrelle through the doors of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

When he was done with that last box of chicken tenders, he started typing – allegedly after wiping the grease from his fingers and chin with a napkin.

First David starts off by congratulating Cassie on her successful fund raiser. Then, of course, he launches directly into a diatribe of sour grapes commentary about the fact that she succeeded.

“But I’m not sure that the person I should be congratulating is you. Last night Paul Elam of A Voice for Men – the central subject of your film – was doing his own victory lap online. And no wonder, because he seems to be the real victor here……. In a post on his site that managed to be giddy and vindictive at once, he offered his congratulations to you, then, well, to himself. “Even though the victory goes to Ms. Jaye,” he wrote, in an awkward attempt at modesty, “I have the need to offer up some thanks.”

And then he spelled out why he thinks your “victory” is really a victory for him.

For the past six years AVFM has had mud kicked in its face by a corrupt, left-wing media. Bottom feeders like Adam Serwer, Jeff Sharlet and Mariah Blake have performed endless unscrupulous acts, directly lying to their readers in order to attack AVFM, this movement and me personally.

Their work was not just to harm me, or to damage a website but to make sure if they could that the message we carry never found its way to the larger public. Their intent was and is to paint an indelible stain on all of us so hideous that we would never be taken seriously by enough people to matter.

They have failed, and I can now predict that they have failed miserably.

In other words, Paul Elam thinks he and his friends in what he ludicrously calls the “Men’s Human Rights Movement” have bought and paid for a feature-length advertisement for them.”

First, anyone looking at the history of the KickStarter knows this is a lie. Relying on feminists, Futrelle’s ilk, the film got squat for backing because it was not a feature-length advertisement for them. Relying on MHRAs it got some, but woefully incomplete backing because most MHRAs have grown distrustful of the media and because so many are financially strapped from experiences that may well be highlighted in the film.

It was not until Breitbart, a non MHRA publication, ran an article by Milo Yiannopoulis, also not an MHRA, that the film drew the interest of a wide spectrum of people concerned with freedom of speech and freedom of artistic expression. In fact, one of the $10,000 donors ran a piece online saying he donated the money in spite of the fact that he did not much care for MHRAs; that he did not do it for them.

Put that in your bucket of drumsticks, Futrelle.

Paul’s quote is from a man who is thankful that someone may be actually going to report on the MHRM honestly and predicts that if the film is honest and fair it will vindicate the men’s movement as a whole. How does any sane, rational person get “Paul thinks he has bought an advertisement” out of the quote David published in his article?

Never mind folks, it is a question that answers itself with the use of the word “rational.”

And it’s not hard to see why Elam – and the other manospherians who’ve rallied around your film in recent days — think this. After all, they are the ones who have rescued your film from oblivion by pouring tens of thousands of dollars into your Kickstarter.

We wonder, aside from the fact that this has already been debunked, if David suggesting that Cassie is a person who went without funding through normal channels because she stood her ground on her creative control, would then yield that control to a bunch of strangers on the internet? Is he implying that Cassie, a person who wouldn’t allow a film with her name on it to be turned into a hit piece, is allowing her a film with her name on it to be turned into propaganda?

Someone correct us if we’re wrong but isn’t the fundraiser open to anyone who wants to contribute be they feminist, MHRAs or neither? Isn’t the fundraiser still taking pledges from people be they feminists, MHRAs or neither?

David (unfortunately) continues:

In the interview, posted on Monday, you complained that “I won’t be getting support from feminists. They want a hit piece and I won’t do that.”….You also complained about an intern on your film who, you said, “had a lot of crying attacks and emotional experiences. She claimed everything I was showing her was triggering her.

A young feminist “triggered” and crying. This is red meat to the Breitbart crowd, and I have to assume you knew this when you told Milo this story.

To an outside observer like me, this shameful pandering looks a lot like a Hail Mary play on your part. Having failed to convince most potential funders of the film that you would present anything close to an accurate picture of the Men’s Rights movement, you told Breitbart what its readers – and the broader manosphere – wanted to hear.

Shameless pandering? Well, when someone is wanting us to give them our hard earned money we have a few questions, like why they need it and why they couldn’t get funding through normal channels just to start. Cassie was just answering the questions she was asked, David. We’re sorry her answers were not what you wanted to hear nor what you wanted the mostly non-feminist public to hear. Did you expect her to leave out that feminists refused to fund her film? Wouldn’t that have been dishonest?

The disingenuous bloviation continues:

Accepting money from these people would seem to be a pretty clear violation of the principles you set forth in your own Kickstarter video, in which you declared that in order to keep this film non-partisan, and respectfully show all sides to this debate, we won’t accept funding from organizations that inevitably have biased agendas…..You are making a film about Men’s Rights Activists, funded to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars by Men’s Rights Activists. You are making a film about A Voice for Men funded in part by A Voice for Men.

Except, of course, that AVFM did not donate to the Kickstarter but don’t let that stop you from saying something stupid and obviously false.

I felt uneasy about your project from the start, concerned that you had been pulled in by the soothing but misleading rhetoric that MRAs spout when they are trying to sound more respectable than they really are, rather than on what MRAs actually say and do when the cameras are off of them.

But I knew you had a good reputation as a filmmaker, and heard good things from several feminists who knew you better than I did. So I held my tongue and tried my best to give you the benefit of the doubt, even when you posted clips from your film that portrayed AVFMers as heroic underdogs rather than the misogynists and malicious harassers that they really are.

When I wrote you a little over a week ago with some of my concerns, you assured me in the phone call that followed that the clips you had posted were only part of the story, that you were well aware that the MRAs you had interviewed were on their best behavior when talking to you, and that the real story of the Men’s Rights movement is far less rosy-hued. Against my better judgement, I continued to hold on to some kind of hope that you would live up to your reputation in the end.

And now, frankly, I feel like I’ve been played.

Hell when that happens to a playa, innet?

More seriously, you  feel you have been played? You seriously wrote that with a straight face? Ahh, the feelings card, when you get to say you feel something happened without being challenged on whether it did or not because, you know, feelz. We’re not trying to hurt you any more than you already feel like you have been hurt, David. We bet you could get some pro bono support if you asked real nicely.

We were both interviewed by Cassie, which will undoubtedly will be in the film. According to David, however, she didn’t get to see the real us. We use our real names on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and here on AVFM. Does David think that Cassie is too stupid to use Google? Does he think that she made a film about the MHRM without reading AVFM?

Or does he want Cassie Jaye to invest three years of her life in making a movie about what he personally feels is underneath the mask he feels like we are wearing?

So far we have seen David Futrelle make implications, assumptions, assertions and accusation which he has no evidence whatsoever to support. Why would he attack Cassie like this? Mainly because she is not an obedient woman.

And he intends that she ultimately do what she is told:

I suspect you are doing far more damage to your reputation than you even know….I suspect, sadly, that you will ultimately learn this lesson yourself, the hard way.

Here is what we call a threatoid. It’s not an actual threat. It’s more like he’s saying “you know if you were smart you would do what feminists tell you to do. Otherwise you might get hurt. No telling what could happen. Look at what happened to poor Erin Pizzey. Look at what happened to Neil Lynden; to Matt Taylor. Not to mention Paul and other MRAs. It would be a shame to see something like that happen to you.”

It is as clearly a threat as it is in the stereotypical mafia movie where the mobsters says, “Nice family. Be a shame if something happened to them.”

Seasoned MHRAs might have been wondering why we took the time to write a serious article about what superficially appears to be an online episode of Jerry Springer. The answer is simple. Feminists weren’t able to kill the film by denying her funding so they must find other ways to stop it. As we have seen before they will do anything to silence anyone who disagrees with them — even one of their own.

Oh that’s right, I forgot to mention Cassie Jaye is a feminist.

They have ruined lives and careers before. Cassie will be no different. They have threatened to kill people in order to silence them.

David is saying ‘Cassie Jaye, this is your last warning.’

We have seen the power David holds when it comes to informing the opinion of the mainstream media. Most notable example is the Elliot Rodger tragedy. Rodger will be forever known as an MHRA. Not because he was one of us but because David told everyone he was. The mainstream media took their talking (read lying) points from David and they all reported that Rodger was an MHRA as if it were fact.

Now David has set his sights on Cassie Jaye. The mainstream media will probably follow his lead. They will more than likely attack her credibility with not one shred of evidence to back up their claims. Their goal is poison the well by labeling the film as MHRM propaganda before anyone ever sees it. If this happens there is a good chance Cassie’s career will be destroyed. All because she claimed she was going to be fair and tell both sides of the story.

Something tells us that would give David Futrelle one of the rare moments he ever has of actual satisfaction.

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