As everyone in the Men’s Human Rights Movement knows, there has been a literal explosion of mainstream media attention focused on this website, on the movement, and even some limited acknowledgement of the issues in recent days.

Oh, and there have been attacks that rely heavily on quote mining, mischaracterizations, taking things out of context, ignorance and outright lies. In other words, other than the fact that there have been minor attempts at balance, it has been business as usual for the mainstream media.

All of this is designed to silence us and shut us down. All of it is having the opposite effect; all of it according to our plan, not theirs.

I think it is time for a refresher here at AVFM; a return to the basics if you will, especially as we have so many new readers courtesy of our friends in the mainstream. For regular readers it is perhaps time for a deeper exploration of just what is happening in the men’s movement, and why, even though it is not that complicated.

Most of this is my personal opinion, some of which could be and probably is less than perfect. Some of it is indisputable fact. You decide which is which.

Let me start with something fundamental. I won’t bother with digging out the original quote, but in the article by Tod Kelly at The Daily Beast, one of the main points he was attempting to raise was whether a movement so prone to taking the gloves off, and attached to the unfettered use of anger and provocation, could ever find acceptance in the average person’s mind. He questions whether AVFM’s approach will ever pave a way for us to break into the mainstream. With all due respect, it’s a dumb question.

Tod, we don’t want to break in to the mainstream. We just want to break it. And even that is somewhat of a misstatement. The mainstream is already broken. It is the mainstream that is the problem. We are not dumb enough to think it holds the solutions. As honestly hard as Tod worked at understanding the problems we address, his articles were proof that he ultimately failed at that understanding.

In his own words, “I have held both the red and the blue pills in my hand, but I have swallowed the blue.”

Anyone who understands the red pill analogy knows that this is a statement admitting chosen ignorance and blindness – as if he did not make that obvious enough in his articles. And I say that as someone who actually likes this guy. That’s OK, I like lots of blue pill people, even when I know how dumb they can be.

R. Tod Kelly proves something obvious to members of the MRHM but comically elusive to many in the mainstream. The fact is that we don’t need the mainstream. The mainstream needs us.

The mainstream is now populated with millions of men who have been fucked over by gynocentrism, even though 99.9% of them don’t even know what the word means.

It is populated with millions of women; mothers, second wives, daughters and sisters whose beloved male counterparts have been fucked over by gynocentrism, even though 99.9% of them don’t know what the word means.


If anyone wants an explanation of our meteoric growth, it is simple. We have improved the vocabulary of some people in the mainstream.  And we have done that by making the mainstream media our bitch.

We set out to provoke an obtuse, downright stupid media apparatus into sending people our way. They graciously and obliviously complied. They could not help themselves. Pissing on their sacred cows is just too much for their propaganda addled minds to handle. Their outrage and indignation, just like ours, had to be vented.

In jumping when we poke them, they have become our dogs to walk – and are now begging us to tighten their collars  – which we will do.

It is an added bonus that they actually think they are fighting against us and doing damage. If we gave a damn about acceptance from people who can thoroughly investigate the issues faced by men and boys and react by giddily swallowing another blue pill, then it might matter. But we don’t, so it doesn’t.

The mainstream is just a big fruit tree with a lot of apples ripe and ready to drop. Along comes ABC, Tod Kelly and a lot of other useful idiots to shake the branches and help us fill our baskets.

Result? We need more baskets.

For a better understanding of why this method is so effective, I can only recommend an examination of counterculture. From the Romanticists to the Bohemians to the Beats to the Hippies we have very instructive examples of the very same phenomenon that is happening right now with a rapidly growing number of men and women.

The great countercultures of modern western history all have some very telling things in common. One, their members did not give a shit about the mainstream. Quite the opposite, their raison d’être, in part, was a fundamental refusal to identify with or accept mainstream sensibilities.

The counterculture refuge from the problems that the mainstream inflicted on society was intellectual, emotional, artistic and literary. It was not in mainstream politics, mainstream jurisprudence or mainstream values. It was the kind of freedom only available in the confines of the human mind.

Do we support people who are trying to change laws and seek political solutions for men? Sure, if it adds more apples to our basket, but we also note that the abysmal failure of those efforts is not unexpected for the time being.

Another common denominator between the countercultures is that there was no viable way to fight them. They were all reviled and demonized by the establishment of the times, just as we are reviled and demonized now by establishment gynocentrism. Public derision is pretty much all anyone can do to us. Sure, they persecuted some, exacted even harsher measures on others, but in the end the establishment cannot fight new ways of thinking that are born of necessity, and when they make the attempt to wage that fight all that happens is that they cause those ways of thinking to become more popular.

It is a Catch-22, repeated throughout modern history, in which the establishment is just beginning to get mired again.

And then there is the most promising feature that all countercultures have in common. They made an irreversible impact on the culture at large, not the other way around.

Love or hate hippies, they changed the mentality of people in drastic ways. Does anyone think that Burroughs and Ginsberg are not still reverberating through the consciousness of the culture?  Just the opposite, it is that kind of mentality, that fresh voice, that is due for resurgence and we are witnessing it happening in these very days.

The mainstream, the establishment, has become dysfunctional, myopic and self-destructive under gynocentric rule. It is even possible that on some unconscious level the mainstream is creating us to bring them the correction that they cannot bring to themselves.

Regardless of whether that is true, change is coming. Indeed, it is already here, which explains all the wailing.

We are not changing the mainstream by changing law or customs, though, as with all countercultures before, those things will happen. We are changing the mainstream by changing ourselves, by openly ridiculing their foolhardy ways, and by simply providing a place to exist for the countless victims they have created with their raw stupidity.

All we have to do to grow, is to be. These mindless fools will do the rest for us.

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