Circumcision protest: I confront child abuse prevention “advocates” at “modern” hospital

I showed up at the flagship campus of Stony Brook Hospital looking for answers to important questions about some controversial “operations” being done there. See the video below.

I asked for an interview with the “Child Abuse Services” director Dr. Lesley Quinn, and to date she hasn’t called me back. I may have to do an interview in absentia, with me speaking to a cardboard cutout of her, determined to find out how “advanced” their care is of baby boys.

Questions like:

Is all you do here backed by solid science, even elective surgery on newborn babies?

What disease or condition does this surgery treat, being that health care dollars are always at a premium and surgery on newborns is risky and not done willy-nilly, right?

Have you done research on doing this surgery on baby girls, and see if the same benefits can be attained for girls too?

Have you ever thought about how you have a parent sign a consent form for elective surgery for another person, which isn’t really patient consent?

Any scientific research on the optimal amount of foreskin that should be ‘left on’ and how much is ‘unneeded?’

What do you know about the foreskin? What did they teach you about the intact penis? It acts as a seal and lubricates, and contains Meisner corpuscles, thousands of sensitive nerve endings, like in the lips, nipples, genitals, and tips of the fingers.

Doesn’t this “surgery” violate your Hippocratic Oath, “First, do no harm?”

Are there any other healthy body parts that are routinely removed from newborn babies at your hospital? Why not?

Why do you push and promote circumcision, rather than being neutral and inform parents this is medically unnecessary? The reason can only be financial gain.

What percent of boys are cut?

How many cut per year?

Any classes for parents on circumcision?

Any new research on circumcision?

How does circumcision affect the mom/child bond? (it can’t be good)

-infant happiness? thriving?

What percent die? How?

What is the medical purpose of circumcision?

Stay tuned for more.

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