Changing Times at AVFM

Fourteen years ago, I dedicated my life to fomenting a more honest dialogue about men and men’s issues and pushing that dialogue into mainstream consciousness. Thus, A Voice for Men was born. And today I can say in all honesty, and thanks to more people than I can count, that my dream has been fully realized. A Voice for Men kicked in the door on that dialogue wearing combat boots. Within 5 years we were attracting men to gather in person from all over the world. The website became a juggernaut with tens of millions of visitors. Mainstream news outlets across the planet attacked us as more dangerous than COVID. We exploited their attempts to silence the dialogue we started and used it to reach even more men.

As most of you know, it was A Voice for Men that captured the attention of a young feminist filmmaker named Cassie Jaye. Thanks to her skill, and ultimately to her integrity, The Red Pill Movie reached millions more people with what that dialogue should look like. To her credit, Jaye also showed the world an unblinking picture of how ugly and corrupt the resistance to that dialogue is.

All good things must pass. Ultimately, Google choked off most of our traffic. In that sense, we were one of the first targets of cancel culture. The mainstream news outlets went on to pursue other manufactured boogeymen, but to this day they feel compelled to occasionally remind their readers how dangerous we are. And it is one of many reasons it is important that A Voice for Men remain a permanent fixture on the landscape. Because fuck them. They never silenced us and never will.

Their failure has paid dividends. A Voice for Men, alongside a handful of other content creators, forced Red Pill thinking into the collective cultural consciousness. And while most men will remain hopelessly locked into servile, blue pill life, we made sure that untold millions of men are aware they have an option if they have the courage to take it.

If this sounds like a goodbye letter, it is of sorts. As of this posting, I am handing over full ownership and control, including all intellectual property associated with A Voice for Men and the website, to Robert Brockway, a longtime managing editor and tech savior around here. Like most of the Australian men I’ve encountered in this movement, Rob isn’t one to call attention to himself or seek accolades. Nonetheless, he’s been solid as Roman concrete behind the scenes for years now. His uncompromising passion for furthering men’s issues is evident in everything he does. Rob’s also a mature, levelheaded and openminded thinker, the absolute right choice to take the reins.

My life’s mission has changed, but it is no doubt an extension of the original plan. Five years ago, through my Patreon account, I started doing weekly online video conferencing with patrons. It was just a gathering of like-minded men who decided they rather liked having conversations where they could talk openly and honestly about their lived experience without being shamed or attacked.

I realized quickly that these meetings were an amazing place for men to fine tune the Red Pill discussion and to help each other put what they’ve learned into practice. Watching that has been nothing short of amazing. So amazing, if fact, that it deserves an organizing body of its own. Thus, the birth of XY Crew, and the tagline “Men Building Men,” which is exactly what we see happening there every day.

Today, and again with the help of many, XY Crew is hosting meetings seven days a week and running an online video cybershed that is open 24/7. We are planning our first real world event for October of this year. This is what I’ll do with the rest of my life, folks.

I want A Voice for Men to remain intact, and with new leadership that can give the platform what it needs, and I am confident that is going to happen thanks to Rob and others. Though I depart AVFM with mixed feelings of pride, sorrow, relief, satisfaction, and perhaps a little angst, I am certain that the site is in great hands, and that important, amazing things are certain to come in the future.

Best wishes, and please remember that you are the prize.


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