Letter to CBC News: Misandry, feminism and public broadcasters

Sent: Feb. 22, 2014

Hubert T. Lacroix
CEO Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
CBC/Radio-Canada Corporate Communications
P.O. Box 3220
Station “C” Ottawa, ON
K1Y 1E4

CBC Ombudsman
P.O. Box 500
Station “A” Toronto, ON
M5W 1E6

Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission
55 St. Clair Avenue East
Suite 624
Toronto, ON
M4T 1M2

Dear Mr. Lacroix,

I am writing this letter in response to a perceived problem with your organization, and I am forwarding a copy of this letter to the office of the Ombudsman within the CBC and also the CRTC in Toronto. Whenever I hear or see something in media of any kind, whether it be on the CBC or another broadcaster, or other form of media, I will voice my opinion to that organization. And I have sent emails many times to various on-air personalities in the hope of drawing attention to material that I either find inaccurate, biased or offensive, and I have never received a reply to any of these emails. It is my hope that this letter will be an indication to you that the matters I have outlined here are serious and deserve at the very least to be addressed. I do not expect any reaction from the Ombudsman within your organization except perhaps to reduce this letter to a single sentence like, “Listener feels women’s issues over-represented” and then insert it on your website.


Throughout human history there have been individuals or organizations that have stood up to tyranny, oppression and all manner of social injustice and in so doing have changed the attitudes of millions and have caused the implementation of legislation in order to alleviate suffering and promote social harmony. It happened in the Civil Rights movement, with Jews, with First Nations people, Japanese Canadian, gays & lesbians, women’s rights and many others.

The focus of my letter and issue I wish to address is of the women’s movement and anyone who chooses to call themselves a feminist. Feminism is not about equality. Equality is what I am attempting to promote. Feminism is the dogma that we are required to accept on faith alone. And I would like to be very clear about one thing – I am not against women in general, and clearly there are still many countries where women are considered second-class citizens and suffer at the hands of men, but Canada and other developed countries do not fall into this category. I am only referring in this letter to an imbalance of power that exists between men and women in developed countries. Discussing women’s issues in underdeveloped countries is an entirely different conversation.

When social change is required, as it was in the past with groups like the ones I have mentioned above, then we need to look very closely at the actions by individuals or organizations that perpetuate these issues as well as existing laws that contribute to social attitudes that are destructive or immoral. And we should then endeavor to examine the validity of statements made by those bringing forth arguments that oppose the social norm and those who insist on maintaining the status quo. We should conduct in-depth research and have open discussions with the best and brightest people we can find in the hope of forging a better world for us all. This is how we change and grow as a people, and we are standing the precipice of such a change now. In the past, whenever social norms are challenged, there is generally a backlash from society because people believe what they want to believe and are offended by anyone who challenges this belief. For example, when it was thought that the Earth was in the centre of the universe then all those who suggested otherwise were shunned or in some cases put to death.

Asbestos and tobacco producers insisted their products were harmless until they could no longer deny the evidence. During the civil rights movement when activists insisted on giving equal rights to black people, there was a backlash from the majority of whites because they saw it as a threat to their power, authority, and social standing. What’s interesting is the backlash that we’re seeing now from the feminist movement against any attempt at even discussing the subject. When such a debate is organized at a university they will swarm and protest such an event calling it, “hate speech on campus”. If such things cannot be discussed in a university setting then I would like someone to explain to me what exactly a university is for. This is the story that should be the focus of the media.

Instead public and private broadcasters choose to embrace the same tired old rhetoric that we’ve been hearing for the past 50 years, without an examination of evidence or reference to statistical facts, and in so doing they allow themselves to become a platform for a destructive ideology on behalf a shrinking and self-serving demographic known as “feminism”. When did this become the purpose of a public broadcaster? Why is it acceptable for the CBC to perpetuate the ideas of this organization? There was a time when Christianity was considered the ‘norm’ and no one was allowed to question it and this is where we are today with feminism. We don’t hear Bob McDonald on Quirks & Quarks talking about the Earth being 6000 years old because we prefer scientific facts over hearsay and tradition. Feminism is the belief that men are powerful and potentially dangerous agents who act upon others, while women are seen as objects at the mercy of outside forces and at all times require protection.

These are easy lies to tell and just as easy to believe because there is no socially engrained taboo against attacking men and there never has been. Society has been well and truly conned by feminisms pathological lying. We’ve been duped by our own instinctive perceptions of men and women, and our own internal biases that serve the interests of women over those of men. Feminists are selling a snake oil patriarchy theory and its time we saw it for what it is. Eventually this ideology will crumble as it is beginning to do already. Ultimately people will value logic and evidence over blind faith, which is also the reason why so many people are turning away from religion. People want to know the truth and the supporting evidence. Hearsay is indefensible.

These are the issues that should be tackled by the best and brightest reporting team of a public broadcaster. What became of the cunning news men and women who dared to look behind the stories and examine the issues to their root causes in the hope of educating the public so we might not be enslaved by corrupt institutions that through our ignorance would further their own agenda? What exactly are we so afraid of? I can understand such leanings from privately funded media because they relay on advertising revenue and therefore must pander to social norms. But I hold the CBC to a much higher standard, and I enjoy much of the programming on CBC Radio One and listen to it most of the day (I do not care for CBC Television programming).

I have written to Anna Maria Tremonti on a number of occasions because her programming leans periodically towards a feminist ideology, which I find offensive. If there is a story from anywhere in the world dealing the suffering of women she will cover it without presenting a counter-point if there is one. Canadian men are suffering and dying every day as a direct result biased laws and publicly funded organizations that favor women over men, something I feel is worthy of coverage, but I have only heard Rick McGinnis Ray tackle issues concerning men – and only when it happens on a mass scale of brutality in far off lands. I have never heard Anna Maria Tremonti address men’s issues. It’s a little bit like having a much loved on-air personality who is very good at her job, but every once in a while she’ll reveal in her reporting that racial segregation is not such a bad thing. How long would such a person continue to be employed? What is it that has allowed men to be discredit in every conceivable way and this attitude become so common as to go almost completely unnoticed? It seems to me that something that affects half of our population in such a devastating way should be worthy of news.

Included in this envelope you will find a DVD containing some videos downloaded from YouTube. If you watch only one of these I would recommend it be the one by Karen Straughan. These are MP4 video files and will require a program similar to ‘VLC Media Player’ for viewing.

For more information I would encourage you to visit a website called: www.avoiceformen.com or simply view videos posted on YouTube by Dr. Warren Farrell, Karen Straughan, Stefan Molyneux, Paul Elam, ThinkingApe-TV, Bar Bar and manwomanmyth.

Very sincerely,

Wolf Moehrle

criminalize criticism of feminism

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”


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