Cassie Jaye to attend ICMI’18 in London

Publisher’s note: A note to all. You have just seven weeks left from today’s date to purchase your tickets for this years conference. Don’t miss your chance to meet all the key players in the men’s movement in one place. PE

We’re delighted to report that Cassie Jaye, the American filmmaker behind the groundbreaking film The Red Pill, will be joining us at the conference. She’ll be happy to stand for pictures, sign autographs, and will have The Red Pill merchandise available for purchase. She would also like to do interviews with some attendees for her YouTube channel. Evan Davies, who did all the camera work on The Red Pill, will be bringing his equipment. If you would like to be interviewed, let them know by sending an email to:

We’re delighted too that Barry Wright, a Norwich-based man, will also be attending the conference. He generously funded two screenings of The Red Pill in January 2017, and paid for the travel and accommodation of a number of people including Cassie, Erin Pizzey, Paul Elam, DoctorRandomercam and myself. A couple of photographs taken during that time, starting with Barry and Cassie:


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