Canadian Senator Anne Cools’ ongoing battle against gender feminism

Senator Anne Clare Cools was appointed to the Canadian Senate in 1984 by Pierre Trudeau. She was the first black senator in Canada and the first black female senator in all of North America. Beginning her political career as a member of the Liberal party, Senator Cools is now an independent and has continued to boldly and conscientiously speak out against gender feminism where it threatens to undermines the integrity of Canadian society.

In her foreword to The Most Dangerous Branch, a book by law professor Robert Martin about corruption in the Canadian Supreme Court, Senator Cools provides a history of the battle to curb the power of judges to alter laws outside of the proper parliamentary processes.

The Canadian courts’ foray into politics on the ground and justification of Charter rights and Charter values is currently termed judicial activism. Some have called it kritarchy, that is, government by the judges.”

In numerous Senate Chamber speeches, Senator Cools has addressed gender feminism, even introducing the word gynocentrism on March 4, 1999, while confronting “judge bashing” and feminist influence in the Supreme Court.

In that speech, Senator Cools challenges the Senate to research the roots of current feminist demands upon the legal system in Canada.

Honourable senators, one wonders what American feminist Catharine MacKinnon’s book, The Theory of the Feminist State, has to do with law and jurisprudence in Canada. What does a raw, gender feminist, ideological diatribe that seeks to criminalize man-woman sexual relations have to do with the Supreme Court of Canada, or with an Alberta Superior Court judge, the grandson of Nellie McClung? Catharine MacKinnon, a gyno-centric feminist, postulates that man-woman sexual relations are abhorrent because they violate women, and that in a patriarchal society all heterosexual intercourse is rape. MacKinnon helped to craft sexual assault laws in Canada. This gender feminist ideology has driven much law in Canada, and consequently has driven much injustice. It has ravaged law, justice, many careers, and many human lives. It worked for many years. It was even lucrative. It resulted in positions, jobs, grants, and even appointments to the bench. It created a terrible silence as it inflicted obvious injustices on many. It was buttressed by feminist terrorism and aggression, ready to pursue to destruction anyone who gets in its way, while chanting its mantra that all evil and violence are men’s, and that all goodness, virtue, and truth are women’s.

In confronting and exposing feminist fraud, Senator Anne Cools has been relentless in both her research and her demand for answers from those responsible. Having devoted her life’s work to domestic violence, Senator Cools is in a unique position to recognize the deceit and manipulations of feminist rhetoric when they misinform the public and the legal proceedings.

In a debate about firearms and domestic violence Senator Cools addresses outrageous claims by feminist groups regarding the level of danger and fear caused to women by the existence of guns in society:

Honourable senators, I am disquieted that much testimony before the Senate committee was either incorrect, inadequate, misstated, manipulated, exaggerated or loaded as a gender issue. Some confounded the issues. Their techniques include playing with percentages and combining the unrelated, and are obvious to those knowledgeable in the field.”

Senator Cools notes that even feminists acknowledge their own fraud as shortly after giving “testimony stretching credulity and scientific inquiry” to a committee regarding Bill C-68, Dr. Katherine Leonard was overheard by another witness asking “How did you like that science fiction?”

In a stunning summary, Senator Anne Cools offers the following assessment:

Gender feminist theory is an example of intellectual fraudulence and is a theory based on philogyny, tribadism and misandry. This theory currently stalks the social and political life of this country. It is predatory, and seeks to dominate and terrorize. It is a personality disorder in the body politic of this nation.

Currently the longest-standing member of the Senate, Senator Anne C. Cools is a beacon of hope for Canadian men. She has advocated for fathers’ rights, helping to produce a Special Joint Committee report called For the Sake of the Children, recommending shared parenting. She monitors the activities and advances of gender feminism and their influence on the courts to overstep judicial bounds and corrupt the Canadian constitution. With full awareness that challenging feminist ideologues is dangerous business, Senator Cools has fearlessly challenged them at every step.

And yet little progress has been made.

As Senator Cools has noted, “there is something very wrong going on in this country and there are many issues that are needing attention and there are certain issues that are needing correction. Let us look at them because I tell you, the hundreds and thousands of people whose lives are being destroyed daily is so obvious that I do not understand how it does not just hit everyone. “

People like Senator Anne Cools don’t give up. The lack of progress is not discouraging, it is incentive to become more innovative and find new ways of communicating. Men’s rights activists, like Senator Cools, are not fighting a single battle as if it’s a chess game with a time limit. We are fighting for something bigger: reason, rational discussion, equality, and justice.

That’s a fight that never ends and one that should never be given up.

Editorial note: Senator Cools will be one of the featured speakers at the International Conference on Men’s Issues, June 26-28 in Detroit. –DE

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