Canada’s Infanticide Culture: MRA on Newstalk 1010

Raz of Men’s Rights Edmonton recently appeared on Newstalk 1010 in Toronto, where he got some irrational harassment and scoffing, although he acquitted himself well. Make special note of how they questioned whether or not letting women off easy if they murder is really something people should be concerned about, then read the news below:

Almost on queue, after the scoffing of the Newstalk 1010 set, and the abuse Raz got for saying women are given special privilege and treatment in Canada and not equality, news broke in Canada that a woman who in 2010 killed one of her children, then in 2011 killed another one, hiding both in the trash, was let off with a wrist slap because of special laws that give women only light punishment for killings that would put a man in jail probably for life.

This leads many in the Men’s Rights Community, having said all along that the idea that Canada is a “rape culture” is nonsense, to start wondering openly: is the truth that Canada suffers from an Infanticide Culture?

Will Canada’s feminist establishment continue to defend these obscene laws giving special privilege to women? We predict the ones in power will–even if the ordinary, everyday coffee shop feminist thinks it should be different and keep repeating the obscene lie that “feminism is about equality.”

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