Call to action: 3 weeks to end 40 years of tyranny

Your help is needed!

My name is Brian Danielson. I am the Founder and President of Integrity4Maine, a governmental watchdog organization focusing on restoring integrity and the Constitution to the State of Maine.

Maine is ranked the 5th most corrupt state in America. Unconstitutional conduct by prosecutors who violate their oath of office and due process rights of defendants plague this once beautiful and peaceful state. For those who have been following the news in Maine, last year, Assistant District Attorney Mary Kellett became the first ever prosecutor in the history of Maine to be sanctioned by the Maine Supreme Court for violating 7 Bar rules for her prosecution of Vladek Filler.

My own investigation of some 100 cases handled by Mary Kellett showed various degrees of prosecutorial misconduct. Just a year prior to Mary Kellett’s sanctioning, I was in touch with two separate victims who had stepped forward and wanted to file Bar complaints against Kellett. But fearing more retaliation, they backed down and left the state.

I have been contacted by numerous victims and their families who have had their lives destroyed by Mary Kellett’s District Attorney’s Office. One male victim who has been wrongfully convicted by her office was raped in prison while going through the appeal. Another man while under medication for severe depression called his estranged wife just to talk but was promptly arrested for violating a no-contact order. He suffered a mental breakdown in the courtroom, but instead of the man being taken to a hospital, Kellett and another ADA, William Entwisle, piled so many additional charges on him that he hung himself the first night in his jail cell.

I have been working with two men who were accused of sexual misconduct by accusers who had questionable personal motives. Both men are now in prison being convicted without credible evidence, witnesses, due process rights, and even for physically impossible claims. One of these men, like numerous others, will likely die in prison.  

The main prosecutors in Kellett’s DA office are William Entwisle, Mary Kellett, Paul Cavanaugh, and Carletta Bassano. They all started out being prosecutors after being hired and trained by the former District Attorney, Michael Povich. Povich retired in 2010 after 35 years in office, but in 2012 he was also cited by the Bar Panel for personally approving Kellett’s misconduct against Vladek Filler.

What should also be noted in the Final Judgment against Kellett are examples of local police and sheriff departments’ complicity in withholding, destroying, and even manufacturing evidence to help Kellett’s prosecution of Filler. This is not a case of just one bad apple in Maine, it is an example of a rotten apple orchard that, in the case of this DA Office, has abused countless people in the Hancock and Washington Counties for the past 40 years.

Today, Assistant District Attorney William Entwisle, a proud board member of a local VAWA women’s group while being a prosecutor alongside Mary Kellett and District Attorney Carletta Bassano for the past 11 years, is running for DA on the platform of continuing the work that the District Attorney’s Office has been doing.”

Integrity4Maine wants to see the “work” this District Attorney’s Office has engaged in with impunity end on November 4, 2014 (election day).

On May 31, 2014, Integrity4Maine hosted an historic State Accountability Rally on the courthouse steps in Ellsworth. This was the first such protest against a District Attorney’s Office in Maine and one of the largest protests to ever take place in the area. Former State Legislator and Prison Chaplain Stan Moody, Congressional Candidate Blaine Richardson, KSUM Founder Sage Gerard, Daddy Justice’s Ben Vonderheide, whistleblower Vladek Filler, and numerous victims of that DA Office attended and gave compelling speeches calling for change. It was a real honor for me to stand together with these amazing individuals.

The rally took months to organize at great financial expense to Integrity4Maine, with donations from A Voice for Men and the National Coalition For Men. The results were well worth it and attracted the attention and support of numerous voters, politicians, and law enforcement officers.

Ten days after the rally, ADA Paul Cavanaugh lost the primary to Matthew Foster (a local attorney seeking reform of the morally corrupt 7th District Attorney’s Office). Following the primaries, Matt Foster has been ignored by the local press and according to sources subjected to attacks and threats from Kellett supporters, who want prosecutorial misconduct against men and families to continue. According to Matthew Foster’s Facebook page, he addressed the following to his supporters:

I want to send a special thanks to those of my supporters who have been publicly active in their support of me and my campaign. Their resolution to continue to support me even in the face of threats and ostracization by and from the current regime is heartwarming. I will certainly remember this when I am elected and make sure that those who feel the need to act like bullies, won’t be doing it under my watch. Such conduct is reprehensible, and cannot be tolerated. This is another important reason that we need change and why we should never let any one group control any government entity for 40 plus years. Please help me clean up the corruption and incompetence that exists in the current administration by voting FOSTER for District Attorney on November 4! Thank you!”

On September 15, 2014, I filed a 41-page Bar complaint against the Hancock County District Attorney’s Office for continuing the same prosecutorial abuse that Mary Kellett was sanctioned for. Cited in the complaint are three recent cases and court orders where ADA William Entwisle and his office violated defendants’ civil rights by not providing their attorneys key discovery. Based on the compelling evidence submitted, it took just three days for Bar Counsel J. Scott Davis to respond by opening an investigation against both District Attorney Carletta Bassano and Assistant District Attorney William Entwisle.

Despite Integrity4Maine’s extensive efforts, the local press has refused to report anything about the continued prosecutorial misconduct coming from Entwisle and his office. I have personally emailed, tweeted, made phone calls, and left voice messages for numerous journalists and editors in the area and to date have not received a single response.

On October 6, I attended the 1st debate between the DA candidates, Matt Foster and William Entwisle. During the Q&A, I was not allowed to ask Entwisle my question about the current Bar’s investigation into his misconduct. I handed a copy of the Bar complaint with recent Court Orders sanctioning Entwisle to The Ellsworth American reporter sitting next to me. When the article came out, nothing about the scandal was mentioned. Instead, William Entwisle was shamelessly promoted as the “current assistant district attorney with 11 years experience.”

It seems the local reporters refuse to report the truth and are continuing the local tradition of selling out the community.

The countless victims of this morally bankrupt DA Office deserve more from the media and political establishment than cover-ups and enabling of civil rights abuse.

I need YOUR help to make a difference in this crucial November 4th election.

Your help is needed!

There are two important public debates scheduled to take place, one in Ellsworth, Maine, on October 20, and the second in Machias, Maine, on October 21.

The local media has refused to cover the true extent of the scandal involving William Entwisle, Mary Kellett, and their DA office. Integrity4Maine seeks to take vital grassroots actions for the next 3 weeks to finally hold this District Attorney’s Office accountable before the public.

Actions are to include public protests and mass distribution of literature and copies of the Bar complaint. I am unable to be specific about the exact type of actions that are planned; however, Intergrity4Maine’s track record of activism and results should hopefully speak for itself.

The 3-week campaign needs your help in raising the needed funds.

Together we can make this happen.

Please lend your support and donate as little or as much as you can to help end the suffering of countless innocent men and whole families who have been destroyed by this corrupt DA Office.

Integrity4Maine has set up a DONATIONS PAGE on the top-right corner of

Thank you in advance for helping us fight.

Brian Danielson
P.O. Box 2113
Bangor, Maine 04402

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