Budapest conference

We are disappointed to report that sales of tickets by the deadline of 12 April were insufficient to persuade us that the event would be self-funding, so the in-person event has been cancelled. However, we have some positive things to report:

  • The event will now be ‘online’ and consist of the publication of talks by the speakers on our YouTube channel. Previous ICMI talk playlists here.
  • The legendary Paul Elam, the man who launched the ICMI series with an event near Detroit in 2014 and the man behind the XY Crew initiative, will be flying to Budapest to host the “XY Crew Jamboree, Budapest”. To attend, you’ll need to enrol as a member of XY Crew – membership is strictly limited to men – details here. Having attended a former XY Crew Jamboree (in the United States) I know you’ll be assured of a great time with some terrific red-pilled men.

I shall be contacting the ticket buyers shortly to offer refunds.

As with most of the previous in-person ICMIs, a crowdfunder was used to cover the costs associated with video recording and editing of the talks. The ICMI24 crowdfunding page is here. If you donated to it, we hope you’ll be prepared for your money to be retained to fund videos at future in-person ICMIs. But if you’d prefer a full or partial refund of your donation(s) please contact Tom Caulfield (aka Anthony Corniche) – the video maker from previous ICMIs since 2016 – at

This isn’t the end of ICMIs, but we shall consider how they might need to change, going forward. Next year’s event will be hosted by Rob Brockway in Sydney, Australia, the 2026 event in the United States (details to follow in due course). I shall be hosting one in 2027.

Have a good week, and thanks for your support.

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