Bill Cosby’s victims? Or just a bunch of drug whoring star fuckers?

I heard it so many years ago, I forget if it was a joke or a story I was told that actually happened. Either way, it goes like this.

An average looking guy is at a party. In his lap is a small mirror holding two massive lines of cocaine, a razor blade and a short, metal straw. The coke came from a bag full of white powder that was bulging out of his shirt pocket.

A quite fetching young woman spotted him (and his cocaine) and crossed the room to sit right next to him just as he was Hoovering up one of the lines. She sat so close that one of her shapely thighs was pressed against his leg. She smiled and leaned in a little closer.

“That looks great,” she said, speaking of the single, sparkling white line that remained on the mirror.

“Yeah,” he said, “It’s some really decent shit.” He did not so much as look at her. He picked up the razor and started chopping at the remaining line, shaping it and reducing it to a finer powder.

The woman moved even closer into his space. He could feel her breath on his neck.

“So,” he said, “What do you do for a living?”

The woman giggled. “I’m a stew,” she said, and reached up to stroke the man’s forearm.

“You must make good money at that,” the man replied.

With a bright smile the woman said, “Well, yeah. I do.”

Suddenly the man leaned over and made the last line disappear in an instant.

“Well,” he said, “You ought to make enough to buy your own coke.”

I heard that story maybe 30 years ago. In a way, it was my first exposure to the red pill. And today it comes back to visit me in much the same way.

In the latest round of trial by media for Bill Cosby, the “stunning” revelation now alleged is that he gave women Quaaludes with the expectation it would help him score sex.

My response: Big fucking whoop. Women have been trading gash for stash for as long as I can remember, and they still are.

Saying that Bill Cosby gave women ludes to loosen them up for sex is about as worthy of pointing out as the likelihood is that those women loosened Cosby’s grip on his drugs by sticking their tits in his face.

Like it or not, drugs are chick magnets. Of course, I will figuratively grit my teeth and point out that not all women are like this. Indeed, not nearly all women do drugs at all, including a bunch of them who would fuck Bill Cosby simply because he is Bill Cosby. And including the women who would fuck Bill Cosby simply because he has been accused of sexual violence.

Of course, whatever actually happened between the sudden explosion of Cosby accusers and the 78 year old comedian is a matter of pure speculation. Nothing, absolutely nothing has been proven as a matter of due process. In that sense, as of today he is demonstrably innocent of all charges.

Where speculation turns to certainty is the fact that there is a healthy percentage of women who  are just fine with the idea that dick comes with drugs.

We even saw evidence of it rear its head back in December of 2012, in the Twitter feed of Sophia Guo, one of the great unwashed idiots who felt threatened by men speaking without her approval. It came in the aftermath of the Warren Farrell protest.

This little gem says a lot about how Guo gets her blow.


Think and say what you want about Bill Cosby, the quintessence of drug culture sexual hookups is product for poontang. And we all know that rich, famous celebrity dudes with pockets full of money and drugs have an incredibly hard time finding women who will whore themselves out for any one of those three symbols of status. Cosby had them all.

My guess is that the only thing happening here is that the lowbrow party girls that glommed onto Bill Cosby and spread like warm peanut butter are just coming back for more.

Did Bill Cosby use his fame, fortune and pharmaceuticals to grease the wheels of his sex life? Probably yes, I think. That is the kind of grease that a lot of women yearn to bathe in.

It is also interesting that all but one or two of the long list of alleged victims are now so far past their sexual shelf-life that they could not trade sex for a ten dollar bag of Mexican schweg.

Double dipping the Cosby Cash may well be all some of them have.

When and if Bill Cosby is ever convicted of an actual crime, I will chime in on bashing him, right alongside the idiots who think waiting for a trial is too inconvenient.

Til then, all I see in this is a bunch of greedy women who commoditized their bodies like groupies who managed to get backstage at a rock concert.

Nothing new here, folks. Same as it ever was.



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