There has been a lot of reporting on Bill Cosby in the news but none seem to have even begun to scratch the surface of Bill Cosby’s Machiavellian genius.

But first, to really admire the man, we need to cover his humble beginnings and recap what has been covered in the news so far.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1937 he started his comedic career in 1962. His comedic routines centered on his experiences as a kid, intentionally avoiding race as to include everyone and spread the message that we are all the same underneath. He was invited on television’s The Tonight Show in 1963. He released his début LP in 1964 with Warner Bros.

He became a television co-star in 1965 on the show I Spy, then in 1969 went to star in The Bill Cosby Show for 2 seasons.

He then went back to university (as we all know, a dark pit of eternal rape) to earn an MA from Massachusetts Amherst U.

After a few less successful shows he went on in 1984 to début The Cosby Show which would go on to become one the highest ranking sitcoms of all time.

Fast forwarding to recent events, starting in 2014 as Bill Cosby was negotiating with Netflix for a stand up special and a new TV series with NBC. As of January 2015 34 women (including many white women) have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault. Accusations going all the way back to 1965.

Now here is where Bill Cosby’s evil genius start to shine.

Bill Cosby has allegedly…

  • in the rumor and sex-scandal-hungry Hollywood and TV world
  • as a black man
  • in 1965-onward America

… raped 34 women…

  • many of them white
  • over the course of 50 years

… and not a peep in the media for 35+ years.

He was somehow able to convince his alleged victims, including the white ones, that no police force would arrest a black man for rape in the 60s-70s.

If those accusations are true, then Bill Cosby has for a long time hidden an extraordinary mesmerizing talent that not even the charming former president Bill Clinton had, and Clinton’s impeachment sexual scandal case was over a consensual, legal act at that.

As a lone man in the spotlight for decades, Cosby’s feat of legerdemain goes far beyond any Illuminati story or Harry Potter-esque invisibility cloak.

You simply have to admire this level of evil, sociopathic genius.

How can a lone man, an African-American in the USA at that, so in the public eye, pull this off? It simply boggles my mind. I am in awe. This is way beyond James Bond villains or cloaked Romulan warbirds.

If all those allegations turn out to be true I will certainly vote for Cosby as president of the Patriarchy.

Or is it much more plausible that the vast majority, if not all, of those accusations are bullshit? You think about it.

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