Only one of the statements below is considered intellectually sound and morally acceptable. Let’s see if you are in tune with what’s hot and what’s not in the year 2018.

Believe redheads

Believe bald men

Believe Italians

Believe amputees

Believe teenagers

Believe gymnasts

Believe dentists

Believe white people

Believe lawyers

Believe women

If you chose believe women give yourself a pat on the back.

You will be embraced by countless angry, mentally deranged, illogical, hate fueled hypocrites. Sadly, it seems there are millions of them.

It’s time to believe all women parody

Can you begin to comprehend the warped mind of any moron who chooses to wear the Tshirt telling us to “Believe Women?” It’s even more incomprehensible when you see male Hollywood celebrities promoting the slogan with solemn self-righteousness. One can only imagine that must they think they are protecting themselves by leaping into the arms of the very beast which will most likely devour them.

I believe it was Winston Churchill who once said of these weak, sickly creatures:

‘An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.’.

I am truly trying to crawl into the skin of one of the many women or men who proudly walk the streets wearing the shirts. What in the name of God are they thinking? The primary school children I teach would be embarrassed if asked to walk about wearing such a ridiculous, patently absurd pair of words on their chests.

Just imagine how many of these shirt wearing women have been friends with or enemies of other girls in high school or college and have bitched to their latest besties about the lies and backstabbing behavior of a former friend? I would suggest every woman who walks the earth has experienced the deceitful and manipulative ways of another woman. That these women can promote, chant and celebrate such shockingly ridiculous words is frightening- truly frightening.

Every one of the people who choose to wear a believe women shirt or simply joins in with the mindless chant is a despicable liar and hypocrite because none of them believe all women. Not one.

When you remind such fanatics of Bill Clinton’s past and his treatment of women you expose the ugly underbelly of these hate filled liars. They have no shame. To see Hillary ranting on her latest tour makes a person pause and seriously consider her mental health. The wife of a serial groper and alleged rapist lecturing us on the importance of believing accusers-the very same people she eviscerated in defense of her Bill.

But, it was a different time.

Okay, then may we ask about Keith Ellison- the second most powerful person in the DNC whose former girlfriend says he beat her on a number of occasions and was abusive throughout their relationship.

She even had photos of her injuries.

The Democratic party has given him the all clear after their own investigation into the allegations. They said Ellison denies any such behavior took place and that is good enough for them! Let’s move on. Of course, the media coverage of this allegation was minimal on most of the mainstream outlets and the outcome didn’t seem to be regarded as being of any consequence.

A lawyer investigating a woman’s claim that she was physically abused by Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison has concluded the allegation is unsubstantiated.

That lawyer was an attorney hired by Minnesota’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party to investigate the allegation against Ellison.

This comment from a journalist in Washington:

The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel pointed out on Twitter that the story (Ellison’s alleged abuse) had been circulating for a while in Minnesota but there were no stories about it because the allegations didn’t hold up “under media scrutiny.”

They have no shame.

Apparently Blasey-Fords allegations did seem credible as did Julie Swetnick’s allegation of gang rape and Deborah Ramirez’s claim of indecent exposure even though none could be in any way corroborated and had no witnesses. Suddenly journalistic integrity and credibility is unimportant.

And that’s that!

But fuck the dirty politics of what was once a relatively respected party.

They don’t believe all women-just the ones whose claims will hurt their political enemies.

Why has no-one simply raised the rather inconvenient issue of false rape and sexual abuse allegations which have destroyed the lives of countless men during the past 200 years? I have compiled a frightening number of links to individual cases. There were pages of them so I will post a few down below and you can do your own research.

Believe women?

Which ones?

The crack addicts who would sell their baby for another brief high? The alcoholics who lie and deceive their closest loved ones as they attempt to convince the world they are on the wagon? The many wives who, with the coldest, most vicious deliberation tell the world that the man to whom they once proclaimed their eternal love has been raping or sexually assaulting his very own children for years-simply to destroy his reputation and make sure he loses contact with them?

Perhaps we should trust the word of the women who haunt the casinos, poker machine venues or local pubs to feed their insatiable desire to have another bet?  What about the women who openly joke about spending hubby’s hard-earned money on shopping sprees he doesn’t need to know about? What about the women sleeping with other men behind their husband’s or boyfriend’s back?

Of course, we could also mention the many women who have become pregnant to a lover and deliberately led another man to believe he is the father, so they can suck him dry financially for twenty-one years.

All of these women exist. They are not a theory or even just likely to exist. There are thousands of such women in every city on our planet and not even the most rabid left-wing ideologue could deny it without looking even more insane than they already do.

Should we believe a female politician who is so dishonest that even when there is visual evidence to contradict her claims of being under gunfire when she arrived at an airport in Bosnia she stuck to her story and then continued to thrive in politics.

What about the women who openly support the idea of tricking their husband into inseminating them so they can have another baby?

Of course, just as many men fit these categories but no-one would ever be stupid enough to suggest all men should be believed because they are men.

Yet-believe women

I watched a clip from CNN ( I held my nose and gritted my teeth) and saw yet another example of the thinking which has brought us to this Believe (all) Women culture.

A conservative guest was questioning the validity of Blasey-Ford’s testimony. The host and other panelist were outraged. The host asked the conservative what he believed was a ‘gotcha” question.

“Would you believe your own daughter if she came to you and said she had been raped?”

The conservative guest responded by saying he would listen to her story but if her four friends she cited as witnesses denied her story or failed to corroborate and she couldn’t recall countless important details like where and when it happened he would doubt her.

It seemed perfectly reasonable and responsible to me.

The horror on the faces of the other panelists was a sight to behold. It was genuine dismay followed by condemnation and disgust. How dare he suggest he would not automatically believe his own daughter-his very flesh and blood! Heads shook in bewilderment and the host said for the sake of the conservative’s daughter they would move the discussion along.

I wanted to throttle that host. He set up a theoretical situation concerning the guest’s daughter and that guest gave him a response based on a theoretical situation and then the host tries to pretend this man has just announced that he doesn’t trust his own daughter! They are snakes and utterly beneath contempt.

Watch from around 3:55

These were two mature, highly educated, articulate people and neither one of them saw the perfect reasonableness of the man’s comment.  All they heard was human with vagina disbelieved by her own father!

Have these two ignorant or perhaps deceitful people never heard of a false allegation being perpetrated by a woman against a man? Are not all these false accusers the daughters of a mother and father? So clearly, we have precedent that tells us with great clarity why we should never just accept the word of a woman, even when she is your own daughter.

If you wonder why women continue to falsely accuse men, often for the most trivial reasons, here are some common ones-fare evasion, not being able to smoke in a taxi, anger over a parking ticket or embarrassment at being caught watching porn, all of your questions will be answered simply by watching this one clip.

Breathtaking isn’t it? The false accuser’s lawyer argued for a lenient sentence (2.25) for his client so other false accusers wouldn’t be too scared to come forward and confess to their crime. Fuck the fact that a man’s life and reputation has been destroyed! We must think of other false accusers!

The primary concern of almost all of the judiciary is how these false accusers are making things more difficult for other women who are true victims of rape. Time and again this is the rationale given by presiding judges as they prepare to sentence the woman who lied. No-one seems to have any concern for the innocent men whose lives have been destroyed. But isn’t that always the way?

There are very rarely any severe consequences for women even when they have been caught lying. It doesn’t seem to matter whether the innocent man has rotted in prison, had his reputation torn to shreds, had his family turn their backs on him or even lost his life.

Imagine a judge berating a man in court who has been charged with bashing his girlfriend to the point where she was hospitalized.

“Young man, the greatest tragedy that arises from your actions is the damage it does to the reputation of all men, especially those who don’t bash their girlfriends!”

How is the above statement any less outrageous than the one so commonly uttered by sick, twisted gender bigots in our court system when a female’s lies have destroyed a man’s life?

Can you imagine how you would feel sitting in a court, only a few seats away from the woman who ripped your son from your life only to hear the judge talk about how this makes it harder for real (female) victims of rape to be believed?  The consequences for coldly, calculatingly destroying a young man’s life? Weekends in prison for two months?

I think I might explode right there in the courtroom. This is just one case but the same thing happens repeatedly when these witches get found out or choose to confess.

I would have thought a just and severe punishment would cause potential false accusers to understand that the stakes are high and they will pay a price if caught out in their lie.

But no, women know they can turn on the tears, play victim even as they confess to their lie and the court will usually wrap them up in its loving arms and give comfort and succor to these evil creatures. Just try to imagine what kind of human being could let a boyfriend rot for nearly five years for a crime she knows he never committed? A boy you once proclaimed your love for. Imagine placing your head on your pillow each night and actually sleeping! That is as evil and frightening an act as rape. Unquestionably.

Why are the accusers also allowed to remain anonymous? Think of the outrage when Blasey-Ford’s name was leaked to the media. Why wasn’t this poor female allowed to destroy a man while she remained in safe, snug obscurity?  This makes the temptation to destroy someone’s life even more appealing for it can be done while the accuser hides behind a delicious cloak of anonymity-watching their vicitm’s life dissolve before their eyes all in the full glare of the public eye.

But back to the notion of believing women. These women all loudly proclaimed (on very public platforms) that they would leave the United States of America if Trump became the president: Lena Dunham, Chelsea Handler, Miley Cyrus, Amy Schumer, Barbara Streisand and Cher.

All of them are still residing in America.

Believe women.


There were literally pages of links listing false allegations by women. I’ve made a random selection for you to check out

Statistics cited by feminists on the very low incidence of fake accusations of rape are a lie. Watch this excellent clip which exposes yet another feminist myth

This link contains literally hundreds of links to actual false rape/abuse cases

Ten reasons why false rape accusation are common‘ by Jonathan Taylor (1 August 2014)

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Believe women

Emmett Till: Woman who triggered 1955 murder of African American boy admits lying about harassment

(29 January 2017)

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