AVFM’s Attorney Responds to Dina Mackney’s Threats

As regular readers of this site will know, we were sent a demand letter from an attorney instructing us to remove a portion of a suicide note written by Christopher Mackney and posted online just before he took his own life.

Our immediate decision was in line with how we have normally handled law firms and others who threaten us for practicing freedom of speech. We post their letter to us, and our response to it.

While it does not change our course of action at all, it does behoove us to count on something other than our own tenacity and dedication to see us through times like this. Fortunately we don’t have to. The Randazza Legal Group, who has provided us with invaluable services in the past, has taken the official legal reins on this case and is representing us with Dina Mackney’s attorneys.

A letter went out today to that law firm, and there is no reason it should not be shared with the many AVFM readers and contributors who support the activism conducted from this website.

It is obvious to me that the Randazza Legal Group understands our position and will serve our interests vigorously and professionally in whatever comes to pass from this egregious attempt to obliterate Chris Mackney’s final words and thoughts.

We are going to fight this, wherever it goes.

RLG letter

A note to readers/commenters. Publishing personal information about anyone involved in this case that includes addresses, names of employers, email addresses, social media accounts or any other information that might result in harassment will be removed and the users IP address will be banned forever from this website. 

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