The people behind the White Ribbon have undoubtedly put in a huge amount of sweat equity and actual funds in branding the White Ribbon Campaign (WRC).

A simple Google search will return many, many references to that campaign and to websites that have been set up to further its message. That message, of course, is that men can stop domestic violence, that they bear the weight of all evil on their backs, and that they need to create a safe world for women, blah, blah, blah.

Obviously, the people getting the job done on behalf of WRC really outdid themselves on planning and marketing.

Well, there was one goof. They neglected to pick up the obvious choices for domains for their program, especially given they are aiming for growth.

I personally interpreted this as an intentional act. It appears to me that the good folks at WRC desire a grassroots movement, with concerned individuals stepping up to the plate to dedicate activism in the area of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).

As I mulled over the considerable resources we now have at A Voice for Men, and our ongoing interest in the area of domestic violence, I surmised that this was a very opportune moment to invest vigorously in the WRC project. This was confirmed when I found out that,, and most of the .coms and .nets associated with that name were similarly unspoken for.

What a fantastic time, I told myself, for the AVfM organization to figuratively join hands with White Ribbon Campaign organizations worldwide and to help them spread the unyielding truth about the problem of domestic violence in this culture.

So that is exactly what we did.

Gents and ladies, I present to you without further ado and It is a website I am very proud of, and proud to say that AVfM will be investing whatever resources it takes to make the most highly recognized and iconic voice in the worldwide White Ribbon Campaign.

With our resources, and our reach on Google, it is only a matter of a short period of time before we can make good on that promise.

This article is also available in Italian.

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