AVFM imposters: Joe Bennett and Jack Day

It is unfortunate that sometimes a welcome announcement has to be marred with negativity, but such is the case today.  On the positive side, Bryan Scandrett, a well established and dedicated mainsite moderator has agreed to act as the administrator for our FaceBook page.

This appointment could not have come at a better time. Bryan is a strong, natural leader and our presence on FaceBook is now under regular attack. The work that the unsung Meme Team has done to secure over 33,000 fans is under threat from feminist fascists who have a strong foothold on that social media website.

Several memes have been recently removed, and I am more or less continually blocked from using the page personally.

To make things worse, an individual former Meme Team member going by Joe Bennett (aka MRA Phoenix) has been forming his own FaceBook groups, stealing the AVFM IP of our logo and publicly calling himself “managing editor of AVFM.”

It is also interesting that all the memes recently removed by Facebook for “violation of community standards” were created and posted by Bennett. While I don’t buy that they were actually in violation of Facebook policy, they were crossing the line of Godwin’s Law, which we don’t want to see as a staple on that page.

Despite several attempts to talk sense to Bennett, he appears unwilling to stop the misuse of our IP.

He is not the only case. MRA Jack Day has started a Facebook group using AVFM in the title. He became indignant and self-righteous when approached about it.

They say the best form of flattery is imitation. That of course, is true, only when the imitation is obvious. Without that factor, it is just dishonesty.

It concerns me that both Joe Bennett and Jack Day won’t display the decency, or the originality for that matter, to create their own product, but there is little I can do about it short of legal action. And by my experience with both of these people, I think we are dealing more with mental instability than avarice.

So, welcome to the fray, Bryan. And to the ongoing drama.

For the benefit of readers. AVFM has only one Facebook page, located here, AVFM Romania, and AVFM Italy. If you see our logo or name anywhere else on Facebook, it’s a fraud.

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