AVFM and J4MB support Bloodstained Men/Brother K

Brother K is a renowned American intactivist, and leads the charity Bloodstained Men & Their Friends. To the best of our knowledge, nobody in the English-speaking world has been more successful in terms of getting people involved in street activism, across the English-speaking world.

A trademark of the group is wearing white overalls with a red stain in the groin area, and both their male and female followers adopt this “uniform” (the group campaigns for the end of ALL genital mutilation, both male and female).

Both AVFM and J4MB wish to step up MGM-related work, and with this in mind, we recently contacted Brother K. The following is the start of this email exchange with Brother K, reproduced here with his kind permission. J4MB intends to start campaigning at Speakers’ Corner and elsewhere in the coming weeks, wearing the “uniform”, and promoting Bloodstained Men & Their Friends. Mike wrote:

Brother K, good evening. It’s been some time since we had an exchange, but I’ve long been an admirer of your work as reported at https://www.bloodstainedmen.com.

I lead the British political party Justice for Men & Boys http://j4mb.org.uk, since its launch in 2013 the only party in the English-speaking world campaigning for the human rights of men and boys on many fronts. Ending MGM in the UK has been our #1 campaigning issue for the past four years or so, our successes include informing Philip Davies MP about the subject, such that he later focused on MGM at the last International Men’s Day debate he hosted, in 2018, in which he outlined the illegality of MGM in the UK, and more besides.

We’ve long had a good relationship with Paul Elam and A Voice for Men (AVfM), founded in 2009 http://avoiceformen.com, and his An Ear for Men http://anearformen.com. Between us, we’ve hosted the International Conferences on Men’s Issues, of which there have been five since the first hosted by Paul in Detroit in 2014. There were presentations on MGM at the past four events, including by Tim Hammond and Steven Svoboda at the two London conferences. I can’t promise anything at this stage, but we plan to have at least one MGM-related presentation at future events, and there may be an opportunity for you to speak at the 2021 conference in North America (host city TBA).

Paul has asked me to pass on to you an offer of free advertising on the AVfM website (on the sidebar), and to start featuring your protest and other videos. I’ve copied him on this email, along with Gary Costanza (also cc’d), AVfM’s Director of anti-MGM Activism (Gary lives in California, Paul in Virginia). An example of Gary’s work, in relation to his database of “Known Genital Mutilators”:


We speak and campaign at Speakers’ Corner in London every other Sunday, and MGM is always a major theme, with placards, leaflets etc. With your prior agreement, we’d like to start adopting the Bloodstained Men “garb”, hopefully it will lead to more attention at Speakers’ Corner and beyond. I thought we could term ourselves “Friends of Bloodstained Men”, and start to include your URL in our leaflets and on our placards etc. We’re keen to do what we can to help increase your exposure. In the meantime, keep up the great work!

Brother K replied:

Mike, thank you for your kind letter and comments. I have followed your work in London, the protests and your arrest, the conferences, and your posts and videos, as well as Gary’s and Paul’s, including Paul’s powerful declaration on Facebook earlier this year, challenging men to deal with this issue. Bloodstained Men cannot endorse a candidate under the IRS rules governing non-profits, but given that qualification, we wholeheartedly support your work in the UK to stop this cruelty to boys, not only in the UK but around the world, and girls too, NOT a separate issue as the narrow-minded opponents of female circumcision have segregated genital cutting by gender to protect one gender only, and throw boys to the wolves. Absolutely use the bloodstained suits as you feel appropriate and helpful to your work in the UK.

Bloodstained Men would be honored, Paul, to have a place on your website and in your work, and we certainly look forward to future collaboration on this issue, the fundamental right of a man to his own body, it’s unbelievable that we have to convince people of the cruelty of the human rights violation implicit in cutting off part of a child’s penis. I speak for James Loewen as well, his YouTube channel Bonobo3d, and for Bloodstained Men, that you may freely share and borrow any helpful content for your website and work.

Gary, we all appreciated your recent solo protest, and your video denunciation of this barbaric ritual that American doctors continue to inflict upon the most helpless victims of all, newborn male babies, and your compilation of the criminals doing it.

In short, Bloodstained Men firmly believes that the genital mutilation of children is THE fundamental human rights issue of the 21st century, affecting boys, girls and intersex, and we will work with you and your colleagues to eradicate this disease from our society so that children can grow up in peace, with normal bodies, and live normal lives as men and women have done throughout human history, with the exception of the fanatical genital cutting cultures that claim a religious mandate behind their obsession.

Please feel free to use the DIY resources on our website at BloodstainedMen.com to print up your own BSM infocards and the tutorial to make your own bloodstained suits, and to reference our website in your work.

I have CC’d this email to all members of the Bloodstained Men Board of Directors, with whom I consulted before writing it.

Let me know any way I can assist you on this issue.


Brother K


Publisher’s note. AVFM will shortly commence modest but regular financial support to Bloodstained Men, as well as fostering better, more productive cooperation between our organizations.

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