At the 25 “Most Dangerous Colleges” you are still safe from rape

In 2012, the publication Business Insider examined FBI crime statistics to determine what they called “The Most Dangerous Colleges In America.” According to the article:

We ranked the most dangerous colleges by averaging FBI crime data per capita from 2008 to 2011 for schools with enrollment over 10,000. Schools were ranked based on a combination of violent crime rank and property crime rank, with violent crime weighted four times higher….

NOTE: Some people have objected to our use of FBI data because (1) not all schools participate in the survey and (2) some schools are more aggressive than others in reporting crime in neighboring noncampus areas.

In response to criticism, we prepared an alternate list based on on-campus crimes tracked for the Clery Act. We are happy to report, however, that this alternate ranking produced remarkably similar results — suggesting that both lists are good at identifying dangerous colleges. For instance, two schools which objected vocally to our original list — UCLA and UC-Riverside — were also named among the most dangerous colleges based on this new data set.

Interestingly, the report broke out rape as a separate category, making it possible to paint a lurid portrait of the massive amount of rape occurring on the 25 most dangerous college campuses in America.

The results are stunning.

Out of 530,838 students, an astonishing 42 rapes were reported in 2011. This is less than 1 rape per 12,658 students—and this on the campuses of the worst, most violent criminal schools in the United States.

That “1 in 5 women” campus rape bullshit number you’ve heard about is now officially refuted once again, and by hard data from two separate sources. If half the students enrolled are women, the real number of rapes is closer to 1 in 6,328 women.

Even at the most rape-prone college, Western Illinois, those feminists craving to take part in rape culture first-hand will be hard-pressed to get raped—only 8 rapes were to be had among 6,000 women. UCLA had the most rapes at 12, but this is still slim pickings when spread out over 19,000 co-eds.

There is still hope for rape-mongering feminists, however—the article ignored smaller schools under 10,000 students, so those demanding ravishment to feed their perpetual victimhood might still be able to finger out a smaller school with a more rape-happy attitude.

The crops of rape farmed so assiduously by feminists have failed, and more slutwalks don’t seem to be helping, as the detailed results show:

“Dangerous University” Number Actual Rate of Rape
according to of Reported per 10,000
Business Insider 2012 Students Rapes Students
Florida State University — Tallahassee 40,416 3 0.74
University of California — Riverside 20,692 1 0.48
Arkansas State University — Jonesboro 13,415 0 0
State University of New York College — Buffalo 12,419 0 0
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University 10,795 0 0
Western Illinois University 12,585 8 6.36
California State University — Fresno 20,932 0 0
Rutgers University — Newark 11,798 1 0.85
New Mexico State University 28,300 0 0
Northern Arizona University 25,197 1 0.4
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 10,566 0 0
Southern Illinois University — Carbondale 20,037 3 1.5
University of Cincinnati 32,283 0 0
Indiana State University 11,494 0 0
Ball State University 22,083 0 0
Georgia Institute of Technology 20,720 4 1.93
Louisiana State University — Baton Rouge 29,451 0 0
University of South Alabama 14,776 2 1.35
University of New Mexico 28,688 2 0.7
San Diego State University 29,187 5 1.71
Vanderbilt University 12,714 0 0
Florida A&M University 13,284 0 0
Duke University 15,016 0 0
University of California — Berkeley 35,833 0 0
University of California — Los Angeles 38,157 12 3.14
Totals 530,838 42 0.79

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