Asian women aren’t the answer

I know the solution to dealing with modern women. I know how to end your woes going from one loser female to another, taking hits to your self-respect and your wallet as you go.

Just find a woman from the Philipines or Japan or some other Asian country. They make a lot better partners. Or so you’d think if you listened to a lot of guys talk about trading in the west for the east.

I’ve done lots of videos and articles on the pitfalls of women in modern culture. It seems like each time I do some guy shows up in the comments extolling the benefits of shopping in Asia or some other country for a woman.

I suppose the idea is that non-western women are a lot more reliable and trustworthy than Western women. After all, aren’t they? Wouldn’t all men be better off if they shed their American, Canadian, British or Australian ambitions and went for women we used to call Oriental till the PC police decided that, too, was an insult?

The way I hear it, Asian women will cook and clean all day for you. They will draw your bath and rub your shoulders after work. The will give you pedicures and a quick blowjob in the drive-through car wash just because they know you like it. They don’t talk too much, eat too much or want too much.

Hell, they make better lovers, too!

OK, sorry, I could not resist that. Flame me all you want, but if you are shopping for a foreign bride, that is most likely what you are getting, especially if you are poking around for one on the internet. But I won’t waste much time in this video trying to convince you of that.

If you think that a woman is going to meet a man online who lives in a different culture, speaks a different language, then leave her family and her entire life behind because she wants to spend her life loving you, then by all means, go for it.

I am sure you will make PT Barnum proud. Well, maybe not proud, but correct.

It also may benefit men who are considering shopping around Asia for a wife to consider that what you get is not a culture circa 1950s America. Asian culture may not be what you think it is.

Let’s take China for an example. The Chinese tend to be suspicious, even dismissive of romantic love. Much like western culture used to be before the 12th century.

Infatuation in one Chinese dialect is Chi Qing ( pronounced key ching), or, literally translated, “daft love.” Unlike the West, Chinese, and most other Asian people recognize romantic love for the insanity that it is.

Let’s take a look at an illustration from the book, When True Love Came to China, by Lynn Pan.

Tan Lynns1

As you can see, there is a large circle on the left and a smaller one on the right. The large circle, the one with the dude on the bent knee, kissing a woman’s hand, represents the greater quantity and more intense obsession with romantic love in the West.

The smaller circle on the right represents the simpler Chinese conception. The overlap represents sexual attraction, limerence, which means infatuation, and attachment. They are shared traits in both cultures, but the cultural view of those traits is vastly different.

One is culture romanticizes and idealizes limerance; the other sees it as a form of crazy that you hope to get over before it gets you in trouble. I will let you guess which culture is which.

Now, here’s the deal. Even in China, like all other westernizing nations, the concept of romantic love is finding its way into the culture. Consequently, we can expect to see divorce, marital misery and MGTOW increase.

What does that mean to you if you are shopping for a Chinese bride? Well, for one, if you move there permanently, and you are in the over 40 market, you might just find a decent wife. Also, the laws there don’t favor women so much.

The younger generation, as it is most everywhere else, is increasingly westernized. So if you are shopping for a woman willing to leave her homeland to marry a guy she met on the internet, remember that your options boil down to this:

It can also get you a slew of other kinds of women.

asia girls

I am sure Catherine Becker’s penisless ex-husband is overjoyed that he found an Asian bride.

Picking a woman based on ethnicity or culture alone is foolish. It’s like buying a used car without checking under the hood because it has a racing stripe.

From my standpoint whether you are looking for a wife, girlfriend, friend with benefits or just a dependable booty call, thinking there is a cultural solution available is just another way to take the onus off of yourself to test and screen the women in your life before you get involved with them.

It is a lazy, hazardous way to say you don’t trust yourself to choose more wisely.

It is your standards, and your willingness to enforce them, that can land you a better woman regardless of where you are. Taking responsibility for your life and your choices is a lot better than putting your future at the mercy of a pipe dream.

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