Another day in the MadTV life of the MHRM

Those of us who work for the men’s human rights movement are used to the hysterical, contrived, over-the-top attacks on us from both feminist hacks in the mainstream media and feminist cowards in academia.

In the face of all this, how do we carry on with such aplomb?

First of all, we recognize that as a result of those hit pieces, curious people worthy of us will investigate our website and discover for themselves that we are evidence-based and our opponents are genuinely unhinged.

Second, we think the attacks on us are hilarious, in part because they expose our enemies for what they are.

The following video, taken from the old television show “MadTV”, illustrates our perspective fairly well. This is what it is like to live in a feminist world where everything is “triggering”.

Please enjoy. We did.

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